Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Thank the Lord there is school today! For Gage anyway. What a LONG weekend! :-) We had a quiet day yesterday. Spent a few hours at the Public Library with Emily, et al. Scott killed his deer. Steve had killed 1 of 2, so they were trying to get his second one. They will be home this afternoon if all goes as planned. We have a busy day ahead. Emma has hockey. The kids are due to get their second round of flu shots. (It's going to be a great day!) Wish me luck! A good friend from Alaska is in town (actually he was in Tuttle hunting)and is getting ready to fly back to Alaska. He called last night to see if we would be available to eat out with him and some other friends tonight. Sounds great to me! I'm all over not having to fix supper, although that means the kids won't get to bed at their normal 6:30 pm time, so tomorrow will be another great one! :-) Man, I sound kind of cranky this morning! Maybe that's because I got up at 5 am to try and get some lines typed as I'm coming down to my last few days to get them done and I have a headache wanting to start up. I will be SO GLAD when the water freezes up and there are no more ducks in the area and Scott has killed all of the animals he has tags for. Most people don't want the cold weather but I say, "BRING IT ON!"

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GE is me said...

Stacy, I know alot of women complain about being a football widow. You sound like a hunting widow. :(