Friday, November 23, 2007


I am dead. My eyes are propped open with toothpicks while I'm trying to fill you all in on the great fun Emily and I had today. I had my alarm set for 3:10 am, hit the snooze once and got up before it went off again. I was at Emily's house by 3:30 or so and we were off to Kohl's. It was crazy. There were already hundreds there waiting in line to get in. I dropped Emily off to get us a spot in line, then parked the van. We waited about 10 minutes until they opened the doors and everyone went wild. There was screaming and once you were in the middle of the herd, you had no choice but to go forward! Emily gave me her cell phone to use and she had her husband Jody's. She found the items she was looking for while I wandered around trying to figure out which sewing machine was the one on sale. It certainly was not marked. I had to ask for assistance and she helped me find the right one. The checkout line was already wrapping around to the back of the store. I hopped in line while Emily went to check out the other side for open lanes. I stood in line watching all of the crazy people snatching items up left and right. As I stood there, I nearly jumped out of my coat after Emily's phone started vibrating in my pocket! I wasn't sure how to answer it, and by the time I got the phone opened, Emily had apparently gotten transferred over to the voice mail. I closed the phone. It happened again, and once again I couldn't figure out how to answer it. When Emily gave me the phone she told me how to call, but I didn't think to ask how to answer. So, I hit send twice and got Emily. :-0 (See how "Behind the Times" I am! Anyway, Emily had a better spot in line so I left my line to join her. We waited a little while in line before we got out of there. Then, we proceeded to hit Walmart. Their doorbusters started at 5 am. I was very surprised at how calm it was there. Since it is open 24 hours, no one had to wait outside. Everyone had their carts lined up in the aisles waiting. The guy over the intercom informed us at 7 min before time to be respectful of others. They announced when it was time over the intercom. I snatched up 2 things for Emily and headed for the checkout. She joined me soon after that, and after a little difficulty with the checkout gal, we then headed for Target. Target was another story. When they opened the doors at 6 am, everyone took off running through the store. Emily and I made eye contact and took off with the rest of them. We were laughing our butts off. It was fun. We both ended up getting all of the items there we were after, and got a great spot in the checkout line, then headed to K-mart. K-mart had also opened at 6, so the mad dash was already over by the time we got there. I would say we waited in line the longest there, even though we were like the 3rd ones in our checkout lane. They only had about half of their lanes open! UGH! After K-mart we headed back down to Scheels, got what we were after there and then ended the shopping frenzy at Bath and Body Works! I am dead tired. (Oh, and I forgot to mention after lunch, Scott decided it was time to tear the kitchen apart!) You can now open the cupboard doors without getting knocked out by various things falling out of the cupboards! You can actually see the countertop!!!

I've got to get to bed before I fall out of my chair!

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taygold said...

you guys are crazy. Did that once and will never do it again.