Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Today Emma and I ran an errand to PetSmart. She loves watching the kittens in the adoption area (so do I). They were so funny. We found this long stick-like thing with feathers sticking out the end and we had those kittens jumping all over their cages. Emma thought that was great, but she just couldn't enjoy watching them. She kept begging and begging and begging for a kitty. I kept telling her no. "Emma, we have enough animals in our house now." "No Emma, there is a rule as to how many animals you can have in this city." "Grus and Griz wouldn't like another cat in the house." "We can't have another cat Emma." "I would love to have a little kitty too Emma, but we can't." "Emma, you'll have to ask your Dad." That was the response that finally stopped all of the whining and begging. Sorry Scott! :-)
From PetSmart we went to Kohl's to look around. We were killing time until it was time to get Gage from school, and I didn't want to walk to get him, so figured if we just went there instead of home, that was a good excuse not to walk to the school in the subzero temperatures! Kohl's was TERRIBLE! First of all they have so much stuff in the store you can't even push the cart in the aisles without bumping into something. At one point I was getting so frustrated, partly because Emma was seriously wanting EVERYTHING she saw, that I just kept ramming a rack of clothes to get through and a bunch of hangers fell on the floor and I just kept going. I kept telling Emma that Santa would not bring her a thing for Christmas if she got things now. I don't think she cared.
I was glad to finally get home.
Gage has his second spelling test tomorrow. He has been told if he studies without complaining, he will get 50 cents on top of the $1 he gets for getting all of his words right. I'm not so sure bribing with money is a good thing? I know you aren't supposed to reward with food, but I don't know for sure about money? Any tips out there on how to get him to study and do his homework without a fit? I'm all ears!

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GE is me said...

Wait a minute! No bribing with food??? No one ever told me that rule. I need examples. Does going poop in the potty for tic tacs count? What about gold fish(or other small snacky stuff) in the car on the way home from wherever to keep them awake?
AAUUUGGGHHHH! I seriously need a manual for these things called children.