Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Closing the gap

Today was a big day for me. I went to see the orthodontist and today we are going to start closing the gap! YEAH! The rubberbands apparently worked in gaining a little bit of width. I was worried about it because on Thanksgiving morning when Gage, Emma and I were eating breakfast (Scott was out hunting deer) one of the buttons on my molars came off and I was unable to use the rubberband on that side due to that. I didn't want to call the office since it was a holiday, and I didn't want to call them Friday either, since it was the day after the holiday, then comes the weekend and they aren't open. I thought I would try to call them on Monday. However, while I was standing in line at Target for the crazy sale last Friday morning, one of the gals standing next to me works at the orthodontist's office so I asked her about it and she said I would be fine until Tuesday. Then, when I was at the Civic Center on Saturday with Kara, I saw another gal that works there (the one I usually have when I go in for my appointments), and I stalked her down when she came out of the bathroom and asked her and she also said I would be fine. So, I stopped worrying about it and it did turn out fine, thank goodness! Dr. Warford once again told me I could be done if I would just put a permanent tooth in there. Now, I'm beginning to think he really wants me to do that. I told him there's no way I'm going through all of this to end up with three front teeth, so he might as well give it up. I'm going to have to tell the surgeon (he is at Emma's hockey with his little boy so I've been seeing him a couple times a week there) and see what he thinks about that. I'll have to tell him to give Dr. Warford a hard time. They are both very nice people and like joking around, so I fit in quite well. :-) Anyway, my teeth are sore tonight, but it's all good.

The temperature here is FREEZING COLD! I walked Gage to school this morning and I nearly froze solid. The wind chill was -6. I bundled him up in all the regular gear, plus this morning I added snow pants to the ensemble. He has a full-face stocking hat so all you can see are his eyes and mouth. I figured he wouldn't complain too much about being cold. I on the other hand did not bundle up as well as Gage. I did have 2 layers of pants, but that was not enough. On our way up the hill to the school he said his eyes were freezing. I laughed because mine were too! I had him walk behind me so I could block his wind. We made it and I made it back home without turning into a solid block of ice. It's supposed to be colder tomorrow, so I'm glad Emma has school too since we drive on those days. As we were walking across the crosswalk this morning the crossing guard asked me if I was at Target last Friday morning and I said I was. She said, "I knew that was you! I saw you on television and I said, HEY! I know that lady!" I don't know what channel that was on, but I didn't see me on the channel I watched. Thank goodness I wasn't the lady who got pushed with the cart and fell down! HA!

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Scott said...

Maybe you were the mean and greedy women who pushed her down with your cart to save a few buck;)