Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"stacy stephens Your the winner"

I received an email today with the subject "stacy stephens Your the winner". Typically I don't click on those things, but for whatever reason, I did today. Here's what it says,

"Congratulations stacy you won Two Free Disney Theme Park admissions.Sometime ago you signed up at one of our free offer giveaway sites. This email is to notify you that when you submitted the following stacy stephens **** * street bismarck nd ***** You have won an all expense paid trip for two to Disneyl Orlando. Please update your information at the winner's site and we will promptly ship out your Disney Theme Park tickets."
"Thanks, Sue MaddenTravel Getaways, Inc."

I fwd the email to Scott and said, "OMG, do you think this is real?" He told me not to do anything and he would check it out. When you click on the "link to package" it takes you to this page where you fill in your address, etc. It does ask for a credit card. It also asks for an income range. Now, I am not retarded, and wouldn't enter that information, but how does a person confirm this to be a legitimate email?


Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Well...what happened??

HarleyGoddis said...

Hi, I received the exact same email, only my name is in it! I've won things on the internet before (for real) and they will send it to your home if it's something you truly won. I've won a DVD Player from American Greetings, a check for $1 (yep a dollar!) for winning one of those lottery games you play online..., I've won a $10 Gas Card and ALL these were sent to my home and never once did they ask me for additional information in an email. I tried googling specific lines in the email... and didn't come up with much - other than your blog. Hope this helps!