Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

It's not quite midnight, but I'm sure I'll still be on here at that time, downloading Season 3 episodes of Prison Break. I am trying to get caught up to current when the series starts back up in Jan. Netflix recommended Prison Break to me based on the ratings I've done on movies I've watched. They hit the nail right on the head. I love it! I loved it so much, I've gotten my friends Emily and Jody watching it, and also my Mom! If you start, you will be hooked. We watched the 1st episode of season 3 this afternoon with Jody and Emily, and I am now downloading the 2nd and 3rd episodes off of iTunes. Then, Emily tells me I can watch all of the rest of them for free on

We invited Emily, Jody, Silas, Hattie and Luke over this morning for brunch, and then this evening we were invited over to my friend Sherry's house for pizza and games. We had a good time.

The weather here is very windy and cold. We had a little bit of snow today, but not too bad. Scott is going out to hunt pheasants in the morning, so it will be a cold one for him. We don't have too much planned for tomorrow. Emma has been begging me for 2 days now to take her to a place where she can go ice dancing. She got a new Strawberry Shortcake "Let's Dance" DVD for Christmas and Strawberry goes ice dancing. I noticed last night when I drove by the JayCee park that the lights were on at the outdoor skating rink, so maybe if it's not too cold, we'll do that tomorrow? I don't know if she's going to want to have all of her hockey gear on or not? I'm sure she's going to discover it's not as easy as Strawberry Shortcake makes it look. Emma is quite a good skater at hockey, but figure skating is a little different I am told. However, if she is really interested in doing that instead of hockey, maybe we'll do that? I love watching figure skaters. I have heard though, that figure skating is just as expensive as hockey, so it won't matter in that department. Anyway, maybe we'll go out and try it tomorrow.

I'm hoping all of you have a safe New Year's celebration and are not too ill tomorrow! :-)

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