Tuesday, August 5, 2008

24-hour bug?

Just after I finished posting on my blog yesterday afternoon, I logged off the computer and headed upstairs. As I was nearing the main level, I hear, "Mom, I need you! I need you!" I got upstairs and followed Emma to the bathroom where she proceeded to unload her stomach into the toilet. I was so thankful she made it to the toilet. Poor thing. She just wasn't feeling well. She didn't eat supper, which right there tells me she's sick. Emma lives to eat (and drive me crazy!) :-) Towards bedtime, I could see she was starting to feel a little bit better.

Today, Emma seemed just fine. Must have been some 24-hour bug? She went to swimming lessons and was fine. We went to Walmart after that and she was fine there as well. She's been talking nonstop today. I suppose she is making up for the time she wasn't feeling well yesterday.

Tonight Gage had his end of the year baseball party. They had it at Raging Rivers. I didn't tell the kids about it at all today because I didn't want to hear, "Is it time to go?" all day long. They were very excited when Scott got home from work and told them we were going to Raging Rivers. Two times in one year.....what a treat!! It cost us $10/person to get in and that also got us a hot dog, chips and a drink. Gage had a great time. A few of the boys from our team were there, and if Gage gets to spend time with his friends, he's in 7th heaven! Emma had a good time as well. One of Gage's friends has a sister that is just a little bit older than Emma and they played together some as well. I keep Emma on a tighter rope than Gage at places like that. I told her when she passes out of Ray, maybe I will let her go by herself. (Even if that happens this year, we won't be back to Raging Rivers until next summer, so I am safe in saying that!)

I've had a headache all day today. It seemed to get worse towards the end of our time at Raging Rivers. It was bad enough when we got home that I had to take my naproxen and cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxer) that the neurologist prescribed earlier this year. That seems to help with some of my headaches, especially when I have a bit of a stiff neck along with it. So, I am going to cut this short and get to bed before this stuff kicks in!

Sorry I didn't get your message until late Kysa. I figured you would be in bed already, so I'll call you tomorrow!

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