Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All the way up!

If you can believe it, I made it all the way up the hill on the Tom O loop without having to stop and walk my bike up. I made it up BOTH hills actually! I think it had more to do with me figuring out the proper gear to be in versus me just being completely fit (LOL!), however, it still took quite a bit of determination to do it AND I had the wind working against me! I hadn't decided until I dropped Gage off if I was going to actually ride my bike around or not. I just hate exercising unless it's something fun like playing volleyball or softball. I could even get into tennis, I think, after playing it on the Wii. But when it comes to just plain exercising, I hate it. I've never had that "runner's high" that I've heard people talking about. It would have to be something really fantastic for me to want to attempt to achieve it.

Another bonus for the day was that Scott was up early enough this morning to get a picture of the waning moon for Gage to observe. In case you don't know the terms, waning means the moon is getting smaller and waxing means the moon is getting bigger or coming back. (I didn't know that before Gage brought his homework home). Scott was able to get this picture at 6:30 this morning. Thanks Scott!

Today is yellow day in Emma's classroom. Last Friday was red day, yesterday was blue day and today is yellow day. Emma's teacher sends home a note each day asking that the kids wear the color for the day while they learn about that specific color and do fun things like a scavenger hunt. She brings home worksheets that she's completed at school for each color every day. I think she said tomorrow is green. Green might be a challenge. I know she has her green "Catch the Reading Bug" t-shirt that she won at the library this summer, but it is way too big for her to wear to school. I'll have to look through her closet to see what I can find. If nothing else, I can raid Gage's drawer like I did for the red day. Red clothes clash with red hair so she doesn't have many red things in her wardrobe.

That's all I have for now. I thought it might be wise of me to blog this morning versus tonight after we get home from the Open House/PTO meeting at school, then get baths, stories and bed since Scott is gone.


Kara said...

Yeah Stacy! I knew you could do it!

I was going to tell you that Guy has noticed the moon out in the mornings lately too! I am glad that Scott got a picture. It seems crazy that they are doing this now and not waiting until the winter months when Gage could actually see it himself.

Miss Emma looks cute in her yellow! Have a great day!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

what a fun idea with the color outfits.