Friday, August 1, 2008

It was meant to be!

My alarm went off this morning at 6:15 and I was out of bed instantly. I went to the bathroom, gargled with mouthwash, then got dressed. Gage woke up on his own and was coming up the stairs as I went down! I woke Emma up and the kids were dressed quickly because I had their clothes laid out. I put Schwan's ham and cheese toastwiches in the toaster, gave them their water bottles and we were out of the house at 6:30 on our way to Mandan for the garage sale that started at 7am. (I had to give myself a little "getting lost" time) I had been to her house before when Emma attended Livia's birthday party this spring, but that was a long time ago! I saw Jen and her friend setting up the garage sale sign as I took a wrong turn. I hollered "Hi" to them out the window as she hollered back "Wrong way, go down there!" as she pointed in the right direction. See, it was good I gave myself a few minutes extra! There was already another car there waiting for the garage door to open. There were a few more cars there when Jen and friend got back from putting out the signs and as soon as they opened the garage doors, people started exiting their vehicles and heading for the garage. I followed right along with the rest of them! Jen couldn't believe that I actually got up and had the kids up to come and shop. She woke Livia up and Gage and Emma played with her while I picked stuff up, and then I was even able to take the things in the house to try them on her to make sure they fit! Did I ever hit the jackpot! Check it out!

7 pairs of jeans, 4 pairs of capris (including the ones Emma has on), 1 pair of corduroy pants, 1 pair of knit pants and 4 pairs of shorts, 2 tops + I also found myself a pair of sweat shorts and a Wilton flower cake pan for $54! Okay, I know that sounds like ALOT for a garage sale, but Emma got 17 pairs of pants and shorts!!!!! I'm sure at regular price, in the store, I could have maybe gotten 3 of those items! A few are from The Children's Place and some are from Old Navy. AND all of the jeans are long enough! My only regret is that I should have waited to go school shopping! I don't need to buy ANYTHING else for Emma for quite awhile! YEAH! If only they would have had boy clothes in Gage's size!

There were ALOT of people there. One older lady came up and said, "It started at 7 right?" kind of irritated-like. She seemed a bit upset that there were already tons of people there, but Jen told her as soon as they put the garage doors up to move tables out, they were already coming in. So I think the lady understood then why it maybe started a little earlier than 7! There were lots of Victoria Secret clothes including lingerie and bras out the wazoo! I almost went to the car to get my cell phone to call Kysa at work to see if she or Georgia needed any bras! They had all sizes (there were 6 gals putting on this sale). I should have gotten some for myself, but I knew I had plenty of stuff already!

Anyway, I was so excited I had to post this on my blog this morning. I think the whole thing was meant to be because it all went very smoothly and the kids were GREAT! (I'm going to pay later this afternoon for getting them up so early, however!)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Kara said...

You are crazy! I just can't get myself interested in garage sales. I am happy that you felt like you got some good deals and Emma is set for school. One more thing to check off your "to do" list! already have THAT many of those sexy bras and lingerie, huh?!?!? ;)

Kysa said...

Oh man.....Good job on the garage sale....I want to go to an auction today in lenox..I'm moving slow this am.....I should have stayed home and worked in the house last night.....NOT!!! It was fun talking to you last night.....wish you'd been there....we left by 11 ish...and went to visit Mom and Dad.....I was home by 11:30ish.....but I did sleep well....haha!!!
Next time you see bras at a good price remember in your head.....
36 B.......36 is your age today....and if we went a-e instead of 1-5..... I'd be B and you'd be E!!! Did that make sense?
Love me...