Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turned 36. I wonder how long it will take me to forget how old I am when it comes up in conversation? I'm betting not long.

The day started out a bit rocky. Scott got home from Memphis late last night (after midnight) and he hasn't been feeling well. He has had a terrible headache, which is unusual for him, that doesn't seem to want to go away, and he has also been having a low-grade fever. He decided to go to the Walk-in Clinic this morning. They drew blood to test him for West Nile virus as his symptoms seem to fall along those lines. We won't know about the test until Monday or so. Needless to say, he was on the couch for most of the morning and into the afternoon, which kept us from going to Tuttle for the weekend (oh, darn!). I decided to take the kids with me and we went to Target. On our way in, I told the kids to just know that they weren't getting anything. They both said, "Okay." I still heard a lot of "I want this!" and "Mom, can I have this?" I kept repeating "No" over and over. I also reminded them that it was MY birthday! We weren't doing too bad until Gage saw a new Leapster game that's out on the shelves. Star Wars "Jedi Math". Well, that ended the "not too awfully bad" behavior. He was very upset that I wouldn't buy it for him. I really kind of wanted to buy it, because it seemed like a neat thing, and a Star Wars game that teaches math, would be a good tool for him. However, I knew that if I bought him that, then I would also need to buy Emma one, AND I did tell them on our way into the store that they weren't getting anything. So, we left the toy area with bad attitudes. I had planned on stopping through their snack bar because for whatever reason, I have been craving Target's popcorn for several days now. The kids wanted a pretzel, so I bought them each one. The ride home was fairly unpleasant. I hadn't told the kids, but the reason I went to Target was to look for the Nintendo Wii and the Wii Fit. They didn't have either one. We ended up checking the north and south Walmarts with no luck either. Gage has since figured out what I was up to and keeps telling me that he wants a Star Wars game for the Wii, not Wii fit. He says, "I don't need to work out Mom!" UGH! I did find the Wii Fit at Best Buy, but decided I would wait and do some more thinking.

We went to the Capital A'Fair today. I mainly just wanted to stop by my friend, Kara's, booth and give her a break if she needed one. She didn't take me up on the offer, so I stood around and talked with her awhile. She has some really neat jewelry pieces that I hadn't seen before and they had me salivating! :-) While she had one really needy customer in her booth, I took a stroll down to check out a few more booths. There was one lady selling Emu oil and various skin products with Emu oil in them. The lady came right up to me and put the lotion onto the back of my hand, then proceeded to put some oil on the back of my other hand. I had no choice but to rub the stuff in. While I was standing there rubbing the stuff in, she said, "Oh! You have dry skin on your legs! *squirt* I looked down and she had squirted the lotion on the front of one leg, then proceeded to squirt the oil on the other leg. I'm thinking to myself, "OMG! This lady is crazy!" She then asked me if I had a headache. I replied, "Well, not right now, but I frequently get them." She made me sit down in her chair and she started putting some stuff on the back of my neck, then proceeded to put her hand down the back of my shirt to apply it to my back! I was a bit embarrassed because it was quite warm out today and there was no breeze at this time and my back was quite sweaty. She didn't seem to care. She gave me this big spiel about the product, which I heard none of because I just couldn't believe what was happening. After I got up from the chair and walked around outside of her booth a bit, I thought to myself, "OMG! This stuff is starting to burn!" Not to mention I smelled like Ben Gay. I left her booth and went back to Kara's booth and by that time, my skin on my back and neck felt like it was on fire! I can certainly see how that stuff cures headaches, because your skin burns so bad that you totally forget about your throbbin' noggin! Thankfully I didn't have any skin reactions to her product, but I was thinking that she is pretty bold in just putting that stuff on people without even asking! I tried getting Scott to sit down there to see if it would cure his headache, but he wouldn't do it. I'd think she would have a big lawsuit if someone died from anaphylactic shock! I'm betting she would have a product that would cure that too, and I'd bet she wouldn't hesitate to try it on you! While I was rubbing the lotion and oil into the back of my hand, she kept telling me (like 3 times) that it was good for canker sores (thank God I didn't have any!), and that she wished she had had that product when she had her braces! I think I would have come unglued if she had tried to put the stuff in my mouth!

We invited Kara to come eat supper with us since the Capital A'Fair was closing down just before we left. I picked China Garden for my birthday supper. (Twice in one week! How lucky am I!?) We had a nice time.

I've been waiting all day for Scott to pull out some sort of birthday surprise, since I hadn't gotten anything from him or the kids. It's nearly 10 pm and I'm still waiting!

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Emily Jennings said...

A couple of things. First, did you get either of the text messages I sent you on scott's phone?

Proud of you for sticking to your original "we are not getting anything" at target. Great job...even though that is SO hard!

Emu oil...VERY FUNNY!