Sunday, August 3, 2008

On the countdown for school to start!

We ended up going to Best Buy today to get my birthday present. We had $45 Best Buy bucks that were going to expire on August 18. I totally forgot about them, so that was a nice surprise when Scott pulled them out. We bought the Wii Fit. Wonder how long it will take to find the Wii system now? Every place in Bismarck is out of them. Walmart said they get some in once a week and they have shipments come in M-F and they are gone in a flash. I doubt I'll be lucky enough to stumble upon them anytime soon. Especially since I saw they had some there about a week ago! Best Buy is supposed to get 5 of them in on Aug 12 (I guess that's what I can buy Scott for his birthday!) :-) It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. That will give me something to look forward to, besides school starting back up!

Only 18 days until school starts! I can't wait! The kids are ready to go too. They are at each others' throats lately. Yesterday Emma got whacked in the head with the baseball bat. It was an accident (or at least that's what Gage claims), but boy did she have a big goose egg on the top of her head!

We start up our last session of swimming lessons for the summer tomorrow. They run through the next 2 weeks.

Awhile back, Scott called me from work to see if the kids and I would be interested in going to the Colorado State DU Convention with him. I told him we would, and we leave for that on Thursday morning. At the time I agreed, I didn't know how much I would prefer to just stay home for awhile! Oh well. It will be our last "hurrah" before school starts. The convention is in Copper Mountain, Colorado. It will be around a 10 hour or so drive Scott tells me! I'm not sure what all we will do while we are there, but when I was checking on the internet of things that are going on there, I saw they are having some sort of guitar fest thing the weekend we are there and they are having a guitar hero competition! When I told Gage that he was like, "Oh Mom, you're not going to enter it are you?" Geez, I'm already embarrassing him and he's only 7 years old! I'm sure I won't be entering it because I'm sure the competition will be expert players. I've only progressed to the medium level, so I doubt I would stand a chance, but it will be fun to watch! My friend, Kara, sent me a few links of fun things to do in Denver. We will pass through there on our way. I know one thing the kids are DYING to do, is stop at Build-A-Bear workshop. We have gift cards from a couple of years ago that we haven't used yet, so that will be alot of fun. We will leave Thursday and probably be back on Sunday, so it will be a short trip. We need to get ourselves back into school mode with the kids going to bed around 7 EVERY night, not just occasionally!

Scott fixed a great supper for us tonight. He grilled a pork tenderloin roast and we had our first sweet corn of the year! Boy was it good! Unfortunately I still have to cut my corn off the cob, due to the braces, but I'll be ready for it next year! He also fixed strawberry shortcake and Scott and Emma bought a great big brownie birthday cake that we had as well. It would have been a total surprise if Scott hadn't left the plastic lid on the counter with the label still on it. Oh well. The kids had fun "surprising" me with it and singing "Happy late Birthday to you!"

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Kara said...

Yeah! I can't wait to see what that Wii Fit is like! Have a GREAT time on your trip! Now you are getting me nervous with a countdown to school seems hard to believe that J will be in full time school already!