Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Since I started my blog, I have been into reading other people's blogs as well. I have several of them bookmarked and I check them daily to see what's happening in their lives. I know that's weird, but I enjoy it. I'm kind of like a blog stalker I guess? Anyway, one of the blogs that I am faithful about reading, Jessica Turner's, has posted about entering a contest for Southwest Airlines. She is in need of votes. Click here to vote for her to be the next Southwest Airlines Blog-O-Spondent. I wonder how many people there are that I don't know that are reading about me and my family on my blog?

I totally screwed up yesterday. Emma's first gymnastics class was last night and we missed it!!! I wasn't even aware that we missed it until later last night when my friend, Kara, called me. Her daughter, Jadyn, is also signed up for the same day and time. When she told me my heart just sunk. It is very rare that we miss something like that because of an error or negligence on my part. I thought the class started after the Labor Day weekend. As soon as Kara mentioned gymnastics class I went right upstairs to look at my calender because I didn't remember seeing it on there. Well, it wasn't. I pulled out the sheet that I picked up when I signed Emma up, and for whatever reason I had written down that gymnastics started on August 28, which would make our first Tuesday class on Sept 2. UGH! I have no idea where I got that information, but it said right on the other side of the paper that classes started this week. I feel horrible about it. I told Emma about it this morning and she was a little bummed, but mostly she was speechless. LOL! (I guess I'd rather have her speechless than chewing me out!) We had a PTO and Open House meeting at Gage and Emma's school last night, so we were planning on going to that. Her gymnastics class started at 5, which is the time that my friend Sherry and I set up to go eat supper at Subway before going to the meeting at the school. So, while we were sitting at Subway eating supper, we should have been at gymnastics class. Darn it anyway!

This morning was our first morning of having Ethan and Kasey here to walk to school with us because their Mom's (another Kara) nursing classes started earlier than the kids' school day. She dropped them off here at 7:30, so I set my alarm about 15 minutes earlier so I could get myself up and ready before I got the kids up. My goal was to have Gage and Emma ready before they arrived so there would be less chaos. We were ready when they arrived, so I was thankful about that. They did pretty good. There was some door slamming and a little fighting going on (mostly between Gage and Emma), which is not something I like to have going on first thing in the morning, but hopefully that won't be an ongoing problem. Gage and Emma enjoyed having them walk to school with us. We were supposed to bring them home with us after school today too, but Kara thought she gets out of class at lunch time and can pick them up herself. She told me she would call and let me know for sure one way or the other.

Emma has a birthday party after school today from 3:30-5pm. It was an invitation from a girl from church that Emma enjoys playing with, so she should have a fun time at that.

Yesterday I spent my quiet and peaceful day (after riding my bike) trying to clean things up around the house. I pulled some weeds outside, then went in for lunch and proceeded to tackle the kids' rooms. When Emma went into her room after school she said, "Who vacuumed my floor?" It's pretty bad when she notices that, especially when the carpet in her room is the type that doesn't show vacuum marks! She had all kinds of crap on her floor, mostly feathers from her boas and little pieces of paper. I was glad to get their rooms straightened up, and it was nice that we weren't home long enough yesterday for them to mess them up before bedtime, so they are still in pretty decent condition this morning. Today I'm going to tackle the bathrooms! YIPPEEE!

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Kara said...

I actually voted for Jessica this morning and went back tonight to check. She is leading but boy have the comments got nasty! I hope she is able to ignore them....people can just be SO jealous! We can't wait to have you at gymnastics next week! I am sorry I didn't get in touch with you BEFORE! See you in the morning!