Thursday, August 28, 2008

Emma's a Star Student!

I got both bathrooms cleaned yesterday! WOO HOO! I'm not sure what I'm going to clean today? Maybe I'll work on the scrapbooking room? :-)

Emma was very excited to tell me she got a Star Student award at school yesterday!! They give out Star Student awards when the kids do good things such as respecting others, using problem solving, being polite, showing kindness, using good study skills, ignoring misbehavior, using self-control and other things deemed important by the teacher. Emma received hers for respecting others, following directions, ignoring misbehavior and using self-control!! When they get a Star Student award they get a ticket that goes into a bucket for a drawing at the end of the month for a prize. Emma has seen Gage bring them home for the past 2 years and we have made a big deal out of them by putting them on the refrigerator where everyone can see them. Last year Gage nearly covered the entire freezer part of the refrigerator with Star Student awards, so Emma was thrilled to get her first one of the year, AND she got one before Gage did! Sometimes some of the teachers aren't very diligent at giving them out, so we'll see if Gage's teacher this year gives them out.

Emma had a birthday party to go to yesterday after school. It was at the Optimist Park on N. 16th St. I didn't ask directions because I thought I knew where it was. Well, apparently I didn't! My cell phone actually came in handy yesterday because I had to call Tara, Evelynn's Mom, and ask her where the park was. It was a nice park and nicely hidden! :-) Emma had a good time, but she was very worried about Gage getting to do something fun. She said she remembered when she went to her friend's (Emily Nuss) birthday party (which was a couple of years ago now) Scott took Gage to the new Harry Potter film that was in theaters at the time. I told her not to worry about what Gage did and have a fun time at the party. He just went over to the neighbors house to play but I asked him to please not tell Emma because I just wasn't in the mood to listen to her whine and complain about it. Thankfully he kept it a secret.

I had Emma asleep before 7:30 last night and that was a relief. Gage usually isn't much trouble at bedtime, but last night he was complaining of a stuffed up nose. I gave him 2 Triminic strips that dissolve in your mouth (whoever invented those was a genius!) to help. He came back upstairs 5 minutes later saying they weren't working. I told him to please just give them a chance to work. I laid with him a few minutes and then left when he started getting drowsy. It sure is much easier in the mornings when they get to sleep at a decent time. However, it sure doesn't help with moon watching! Scott's Dad sent me a link to a web-site that has moon phases and that will surely help us out. I woke up this morning about 5 and had to go to the bathroom, so I thought I'd check to see if I could see the moon. I couldn't find it out the kitchen or bathroom windows. I didn't feel like going outside since it was quite cool out this morning. The web-site will help alot. Thanks Grandpa!

We pick Scott up at the airport around 4 this afternoon, then Gage has soccer at 6-7p and then we have a going away party/get-together for a DU employee at our friend Steve and Laura's house. Unfortunately that is going to get the kids to bed later than I want, but at least Scott will be here to help with baths and stories, which will make it go a little faster.

The weather has felt like fall yesterday and today! I love it! I love fall and winter. I'm always ready for them to come. I even turned off the air conditioner yesterday and opened all of the windows. I'm hoping we won't have to turn it back on until it's time to start up the furnace! :-)


Kara said...

Yeah Emma! You are a star (of course, we ALREADY knew that!) I wonder if Rita Murphy does that?!? Hope you win the big drawing! Way to go!

Munchkins and Music said...

Good job Emma! I talked about your blog today in my post! I like the music that goes with your blog. :)

Shannon said...

You Go Girl!!!!