Monday, August 18, 2008

The day after

Despite laying on my back in the middle of a wheat field in a body bag with a bar beneath my back for approximately 4 hours, I'm doing pretty good today. :-) If you would like to get Joe's take on the goose hunting adventure, click here. Joe is a part of Avery's Youth Pro Sport team (whatever the heck that means!) Oh, I also need to make a correction.............Scott was reading my blog and laughed when he saw I said they unloaded their rifles. That would be shotguns that they were using, not rifles. I do know the difference between the two, however, the heat must have gone to my head? :-) I got these pictures off of Joe's message board of yesterday's massacre.

The goose decoys looked very real! It was quite amazing at how life-like they were!

These are also the goose decoys.

Joe, Scott and Nick each with their 5 bird limit. I enjoyed watching Joe and Nick perfectly arrange the dead geese for this picture.

I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that when the kids and I were leaving the wheat field after the hunt was over, they were going on and on about how "this was the best day ever!" WHATEVER! I don't know how that could be the best day ever with all of the complaining they were doing! I'm glad that was their final thought on the adventure though...............I didn't share that same opinion, however.

Not too much happened today. I got the kids registered for the first session of fall swimming lessons. Gage says swimming is his number one sport, followed by baseball. Maybe he'll be the next Michael Phelps? Yeah, I doubt it too. I also registered Emma for gymnastics. She has been begging me for over a year to sign her up for gymnastics again, so I thought we would give it another shot now that she's a little older. Her friend, Jadyn, will be in the class with her, so that should be fun. I'm not sure why I keep feeling like I need to get these guys signed up for everything? I'm going to soon be regretting the fact that they have something to do nearly every night of the week. Someday I will learn. I also had planned to have Emma give hockey a try and I also want to get her signed up for piano lessons. There aren't enough days in the week for all of this stuff we have going on. Maybe we'll end up skipping the hockey thing? We'll see.

Tomorrow we have Gage and Emma's Open Houses at school. Emma's starts at 11 am with Gage's to follow. I am anxious to see how the Corpus Christi site is looking. They finally installed playground equipment and a fence around the yard about a week and a half ago and Emma is very excited that they have all new stuff.

I can't wait for these Olympics to end. I am already back in the swing of staying up until 2 am watching the late night coverage. I have really enjoyed watching them this year. I told Scott tonight to remind me when I'm standing up there on the Olympic podium, receiving my gold medal, NOT to try and sing the Star Spangled Banner. He said he would definitely remind me of that. LOL! I would really like to see the USA softball team play and I think there might be some coverage tonight on the late night coverage? They are quite awesome and they are saying this is the last Olympics that softball and baseball will be included. That's kind of a bummer. I guess it won't be softball that I'll be accepting an Olympic gold medal for! :-)

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Kara said...

Cool pictures from your hunt!

Funny....I also blogged last night about trying to not get caught up in too many's hard to not when there are SO many fun thing they could do! I just worry that they (AND MOM!) will get too tired!

These Olympics are killing me too! It is going WAY beyond my bedtime! I just love too many of the events and hate to miss them!

See you later this morning....can't wait to try some of that fruit! Yum!