Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott!

Scott turned 38 today! Aside from me chewing him out first thing this morning because he startled me awake with a VERY LOUD sneeze...........a few of them actually, I think he had a pretty good day. The kids and I went to pick him up after swimming lessons to bring him home for lunch since he rode his bike to work this morning. We had bacon and tomato sandwiches, salads and watermelon for lunch and he said he couldn't have had a better birthday lunch! :-)

After the kids and I took him back to work, we decided to check and see if Walmart had any Wiis. We looked around and couldn't find any, but since a worker was putting away new games and various other game system equipment I asked him if they happened to have any Wiis available. He said they had some behind the counter. I don't know why they were behind the counter, but I was glad I asked. So, finally, I can check out my birthday present, the Wii Fit.

The system was pretty simple to set up and I had fun playing the Wii Sport game that comes with the system this afternoon. Is it possible to get tennis elbow from playing the Wii tennis game? LOL!

I didn't even get the Wii Fit set up tonight because I have been distracted by the Olympics. I really enjoy watching them and wish we had cable just during this two weeks so I could watch some of the extra sports they don't televise on our station. Phelps is an amazing swimmer and I was impressed with Shawn Johnson (gymnast), who is from my home state of Iowa.

This afternoon the kids and I stopped at DQ to pick up a Blizzard cake for Scott's birthday. We had a hard time agreeing on what type of Blizzard cake to get. Emma insisted on Cotton Candy. I told her this was DAD'S birthday, not hers! She said Dad would love a Cotton Candy birthday cake. NOT! We finally decided on a Reese's Blizzard cake and it was quite difficult for the kids to keep it a secret. I wasn't really planning on it being a secret, but the kids apparently did. Emma kept telling Scott, "Dad, whatever you do, don't look in the freezer!" He had already found the receipt I left laying on the counter anyway, so he thought it was funny that Emma couldn't keep it a secret. Oh well. Gage whispered in my ear during supper, "Mom, I will create a diversion so you can get the cake ready. Oh, and be sure to put candles on it!" LOL!

Happy 38th Birthday Scott!

Emma played happy birthday for us on the piano while we sang to Scott. There's a little more pressure on her when it's being recorded AND having us sing along with her. It was cute.

We gave him a book titled The Life of the Skies that he had on his summer reading list for his birthday, and I hope it turns out to be a good one. Nothing extravagant, but something he will hopefully enjoy. Hope your day was a happy one! We love you!


Kara said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Scott! Hope you had a great day!

Shannon said...

WOW!! 38!! Happy Birthday Scott!! AND YEAH to you Emma for being able to Play happy birthday at 5 years old!!! She is a little concert pianist!! Shannon