Monday, August 4, 2008

A long night!

Last night was a looooooong night! I stupidly read until 12:15 or so, then shut off my light and fairly quickly fell asleep. Around 12:45 or so Emma comes running up the stairs hollering for me in a panic-striken voice. She puked all over her bed. Scott took her to the bathroom to help her clean up while I went to her room to clean up the mess there. She puked ALL OVER a couple of her Webkinz and then had it pretty much contained to a few blankets and the backside of the playhouse of her bed. I decided that's probably a bad kind of bed to have when you need to get out quickly because you're about to vomit! No way will she ever be able to make it to the bathroom to puke in the toilet. (I don't know many kids who can, regardless of the type of bed they have!) We cleaned the chunks up (sorry if this is too graphic) then put everything else into the washing machine, along with her 2 Webkinz and then changed her linens. She wanted to sleep in bed with Mom and Dad, and we didn't have the heart to tell her no. She couldn't have had anything left in her stomach after 2 more times of throwing up. Poor thing. I just want to cry when I see the retching begin. It makes me cry when I do it, and I hate to see it happening to my kids. I'm sure Emma was thinking Dad's great supper was better the first time around!

Emma slept in until 11 am and when she woke up she had a bit of a headache. I gave her some Motrin to see if that would help before swimming lessons at noon. I told her she didn't have to swim if she didn't feel like it, but she had to go with me because I had to take Gage. She was feeling a bit better and wanted to do the swimming lessons once we got there. Unfortunately she has a swimming instructor this session that I am totally NOT impressed with. There were a couple times I was worried about Emma because the teacher was having them swim out to the middle of the pool (length-wise) then turning around and coming back, versus the way they typically do it (cross-wise so they can use the ropes to catch their breath before turning around and coming back). The gal didn't seem to know what she was doing and they spent alot of time hanging onto the side of the pool, and I could see she was watching the clock and they were done before time was up. Gage on the other hand has a WONDERFUL instructor this go-round. I think this kid is on the Century Patriots swim team because his swim cap says PATRIOTS, and he was very good about showing the kids what they were to be doing. It would be great if he just spent one session at this level and passed again! I doubt that's going to happen, but it's more likely that he will pass than Emma. I feel like I just threw $24 down the tube on her lessons. Hopefully this was just first-day jitters with her teacher and tomorrow will be better (however, I know that is quite doubtful!).

Emma has complained a bit more this afternoon of a headache and she has been taking it easy on the couch. I know she isn't feeling well because she's not herself. She can't take anymore Motrin until 5pm and we are out of Tylenol. However, she HATES Tylenol anyway and it is extremely difficult to get that down her, so we'll just wait until she can take the Motrin again.

I've got almost ALL of my laundry done which is a relief. Yesterday we had NO towels left. Even all of the beach towels had been used and were in the hamper! I think I was still playing catch up with the towels from when Dustin and Colton were here.

I'm working on my lists of what we need and what to pack for our trip on Thursday. Hopefully I can stay ahead of the game and be completely ready to go with no running around the house doing last minute things while Scott and the kids sit in the car impatiently waiting for me! :-)


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh I hope that she starts to feel better.

Kara said...

Sorry Emma got sick! That is such helpless feeling as a parent when they are throwing up! Poor thing. Hope she is on the mend today and feeling LOTS better!