Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday cleaning project

Nothing too exciting going on here today. It was quite warm out today with the temperature reading on the computer reaching 98 degrees! Needless to say, we had to close the windows and turn the air conditioner on. We toughed it out until after lunch time and it was getting ugly hot inside!

Ben and Emily Nuss came over today to play. They are here for the holiday weekend and the kids were excited to see them. Our neighbors are gone for the holiday weekend so it was good timing. Otherwise we would have been listening to "I'm bored" all weekend long.

When I went outside to the backyard this morning I was surprised to see that Scott had completely emptied out our storage shed. Boy was the backyard a mess for awhile! The shed was a complete disaster. We have some rodents who like to call the shed home in the winter and they had birdseed all over the place and had made a nest inside the hole of one of the cement blocks that was in the shed. They seem to feed very well all winter long on the seeds that fall from our tree out back, then they had all the birdseed on top of that, so I'm quite sure they fattened up over the winter. I'm thinking they have it so nice out there that it's preventing them from coming into the house, which I am quite thankful for! So far, knocking on wood, we have not had a mouse in the house since we've been here. Mice and me don't go well together, so that's a very good thing.
When I saw the mess Scott had created out back, of course I had to run inside to get the camera.
I neglected to get a picture of the finished project, but let me tell you, does it ever look nice! I don't think it's ever been this organized! At least not since we've lived here! There will actually be room to park the bicycles in the shed over the winter!
Many of the items that were in the shed were Scott's hunting things. We packed all of that stuff up to take to Tuttle. I LOVE TUTTLE!!! :-) It's so nice to have that place where Scott can keep all of his "stuff". He keeps it pretty well organized there too, so that is nice. And, if you know Scott, you know that organization is NOT his strong point!

Scott even managed to fill a box of decoys to get rid of!!! He took this picture so he could list it on He had it listed as free decoys for the first youth who wants them. We had our first call tonight around 8:30. About 3 minutes after Scott hung up, another call came in for them. I told Scott he better take the ad off the web-site or we would be getting tons of unnecessary phone calls. It was a 16 year old boy who came to get them. I'm glad someone will get some use out of them, and that's a dozen less decoys that will be cluttering up the shed! WOO HOO! I suppose he needs to get rid of a few before he gets a few more?!?

Bismarck's city clean-up week is the week of Sept 20. We have a pile of crap from the shed that will find it's way to the curb that week. It's a good thing to have coming up because that will make me have to set a goal to get the basement cleaned up so I can get rid of some more junk. Maybe that project will get underway tomorrow? (Yeah, I doubt it too!) We really need to use this weekend to get our house completely painted. We are still lacking the west and south foundation and half of the rafters over our patio. These are hard areas to paint which is why they still sit undone since last summer. It would feel so nice to get that project completely finished! I'm hoping the next time the house will need to be painted, Gage and Emma will be old enough to do it!! :-)


Kara said...

Good job! You guys had a hard day of work in the hot weather!

JC Mims said...

Organizing the storage shed is one of the most dreaded jobs. Once you're done though isn't it amazing how much room you have, but still have all the same stuff in there?