Thursday, December 13, 2007

Better day

This morning when Scott went to wake Emma up, he asked her what she wanted for breakfast. She asked what there was to have. Scott gave her some choices. Emma answers, "I'll take whatever takes the longest to make so I can sleep a little longer." LOL! She's one smart cookie!!

Today was my second day this month of delivering Meals on Wheels. I wish I could say there were no problems. However, I can't. Scott decided that today would be the best day to take the van in to have it serviced before we head back to Iowa for Christmas. I told him I needed it to deliver meals, and he said it would be done in plenty of time. I wasn't quite as confident. At 10 I decided to call him and have him check to see if it was done. Nope. Just as I figured. So, Emily, et al, came to the rescue. She loaded up her three little ones, came to get Emma and I and we delivered the meals together. Let me tell you, that sure makes it go A LOT faster! I couldn't believe how quickly we were getting it done (but compared to last week, I think delivering them on foot might have been faster?). We were done at 12:45, as compared to 1:20 last week. The little old lady that was grouchy last week was nice this week, so I felt good about that. I made lunches for the kids so there wouldn't be any dying noises coming from the back. They all ate very well. I think that's the way to go, strap them in their carseats and they have nothing else to do but eat! :-)

This morning, since Scott took the van to be serviced, I had to walk Gage to school. It was UGLY out there! By the time I got home my eyebrows hurt! No kidding! I felt so bad when we got to school because no one was allowed to go inside until the bell rang. There is a mean old lady that stands at the doors shooing everyone back outside when they try to come in. Since I was with Gage, and I needed to talk to the secretary in the office, she left us alone. On our way back outside, this girl, I'm guessing a 5th grader, came in and was going to go down to the lunchroom for breakfast and the lady wouldn't let her in. She said it was too late, and that breakfast was over. Then, this little guy, who Gage knows, who is in another first grade class, was coming up to the doors when we walked out. He asked me if he was in time for breakfast. I told him that breakfast was done because I didn't want him getting shooed out from the mean old lady. The look on his face made me feel so bad. I could tell he was cold AND hungry. I was going to get Gage's snack from his bag and give it to this little guy to have something in his belly before school, but I didn't know if I should or not? I didn't end up giving it to him because his sister came to get him to take him down to the playground with her. I felt terrible. It was darned cold out there this morning, and I couldn't imagine having to stand out there in it with a hungry tummy. I may have to start packing 2 snacks?

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