Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spa Day

Last night after we got home and had started going through the mail, we found a birthday invitation for Emma. Her friend Maddie's birthday party was scheduled for today. Emma wanted to go, so I called my friend Tonya to RSVP. We weren't too late. Maddie's party took place at the Hair Hospital and all of the little girls got mini manicures, mini pedicures, hair up-do and make-up. Emma was very excited to go, but wasn't sure about it once we got there. She was a little reserved at first. She loved getting her toenails and fingernails painted. Her hair was adorable. I wish they would have put it up instead of leaving the curls down. They were cute though. When Emma's hair was getting the final touches, a few tears fell. I'm not sure what that was all about? She either really liked her hair, or really hated it? She didn't cry at all, just 2 tears fell. Maybe it was the hairspray? Anyway, she had a great time and I told Tonya that she was setting the stakes pretty high, as Emma has a birthday coming up in Feb. I'm pretty sure we won't be doing the "Spa Day" even though it was a lot of fun. I told Shane, Tonya's husband, that I sure hoped Tonya would have a party like this and invite all of her friends to attend! He didn't think that sounded like too good of an idea. I think Emma enjoyed her day and I'm hoping this doesn't make her want to start styling and primping. She has been into dresses and tights and I would like to just leave it at that. I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to that stuff. In fact, I had to wear my stocking hat the entire time at the Hair Hospital because I think they would have had to do some CPR if they had seen it. :-)
Gage has had a pretty quiet day. He didn't feel good at lunch time and didn't eat his lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. He had a low-grade temp at bedtime, so we'll see how he feels tomorrow. I will be totally fine to stay in the house all day. I need to get my organization resolution started!

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