Sunday, December 23, 2007

We made it!

We made it to Iowa safely. We got up at 5:15 am yesterday and headed out of Bismarck at 6:15. We hit some terrible road conditions just after we crossed into South Dakota. There was a tractor trailer in the ditch and then on the opposite side of the interstate, a pickup had rolled over and landed on it's wheels. The roof of the truck was pretty smashed and there was an ambulance on the scene when we passed by. It didn't last too long, thank goodness. Our next bout of icy roads came about 4:30pm as we exited off I-80. I am so thankful that we didn't have that the entire trip. It was snowing with snow packed roads and very windy. Unfortunately it made the last 45 minutes take much longer than it should have. However, we made it safe and sound and that's what matters. They certainly had a terrible ice storm a couple of weeks ago as my parents' yard is just covered in tree limbs. It will not be fun cleaning that up.

My family is doing great. Everyone is here. Last night there were more people than beds. The kids didn't mind camping out on the floor though. Gage and Emma are thrilled to be here. It was funny yesterday evening when Emma camped out on Grandpa Alan's lap and she layed her head down on his chest. I think that may have melted Grandpa's heart? Gage has been too busy playing with his cousins Colton and Seth to have time for snuggling. They had their first round of present opening this afternoon with the gift exchange amongst the kids and the adult grab bag. Gage and Emma both got Webkinz. Gage also got a pack of Webkinz trading cards and there was a bonus card in there for a free Webkinz online pet. That pretty much ticked Emma off, and pretty much ruined my planning to keep them even. I knew if one ended up with more than the other, it wasn't going to be good news. I guess she'll have to wait until her birthday, which is coming up next.

The buckets of goodies have gone over very well. They loved the buckeye balls Emily! It makes all the time and effort it took worth while. Although I'm sure I've already gained 5 lbs!

I hope this post finds you all and well and spending time with family.


Shannon said...

Merry Christmas Stacy and Scott, Gage and Emma!! Im so glad that you can update this in Iowa. So glad to read you made it ok.I was worried about you and didnt know how to call you. I dont have Scotts cell number.Why dont you email me with it??? Have a wonderful time and tell your mom hi for me!! Love you guys. Be careful coming home. No more snow here, just very cold, so far!! Shannon

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Guess what??? Ryan helped me figure it out and if I buy the first 3 (or maybe it was 4) episodes of season 3 Prison Break on Itunes, we can watch the rest on Fox's on demand website. I think we can catch up before it all starts back Jan 14.

Glad they enjoyed the buck-eye balls. Hattie calls them Buck Eye-balls.

Ho Ho Ho.