Friday, December 7, 2007

Ending the week on a happy note!

Today was certainly a better day than yesterday. It really couldn't have been worse! I wanted to share this video I took of Emma listening to my iPod. I have downloaded all of the kids' Christmas CD's onto my iPod for the season. We now have an adaptor that we can listen to it in the car over the radio, so I'm anxious for our next outing with Christmas tunes to listen to! Emma would not be very happy if she knew I was putting this video on my blog. She wanted me to delete it off of the camera, and I told her I did. Oops!

We have a busy weekend ahead. Our first and most important task is to get a Christmas tree, and get it up and decorated. I typically am not this late getting it done, but we have had a busy past few months. I also need to make a couple more types of Christmas goodies for Emma's Giving Tree gift at church.

I turned in my two weeks' notice today for my transcription job. I decided I can't do it all. I'm not doing the things with the kids that I believe are important, and they are my first priority. I'm not sure how my supervisor is going to react to the email, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. I don't want to have any regrets about not spending time with my kids. This is Emma's last year at home full time, and I want to enjoy it. I'm sure she'll be thrilled when I tell her.

Today after lunch Emma and I volunteered at Gage's school to help take down the book fair that was going on this week. Mrs. Schmidt was very happy to have our help. She put Emma right to work and was impressed with how well she did. (I was too!) I wish she would help like that when I ask her to clean her room! Anyway, she got to pick out a book for free, for helping. She picked out Pippi Goes on Board. (She might be a bit disappointed when she finds out the book isn't about Grandma Pippi!) Emma nicknamed my Mom Pippi after my Mom called her Pippi. Emma says, "I'm not Pippi, you're Pippi!" It stuck. She has been Grandma Pippi for a couple of years now.

I hope you enjoyed the video. This new camera wasn't as easy getting the pictures/videos onto the camera as my other one that I just got back in the mail. My other one just automatically downloads the pictures onto the computer. This one had to be told to do it. Regardless, the video is posted for you all to enjoy. I have some of Gage at hockey on Wednesday too, and I will try to post it another time. It takes forever to get them uploaded onto my blog.

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