Friday, December 28, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Finally, we made it back to Bismarck. It was a long trip and it is always nice to get home after a long day of driving. Everything was, I repeat WAS, intact when we arrived. After about 30 minutes of being home, Griz, our neurotic cat, knocked over Gage's Christmas tree and about 6 ornaments broke. He was so heartbroken. They are all currently sitting on the counter, superglued and in some sort of clamping device. One of them was pretty much shattered and Gage is very upset because it is his one and only ornament from Grandma Pipi. He was crying and almost had me in tears. Actually, I would have been in tears if ebay wasn't in the back of my mind. I logged on to look, and I found several of them, and will be ordering a new one. I was in the process of supergluing, and Scott finally started to help, and was getting frustrated so I decided to just come down to the computer and see if I can get a new one, and I have several options, so we're good. Gage will be very glad to hear the news in the morning.

Gage and Emma did pretty well traveling to and from Iowa, and I am happy about that. We did have a few little episodes on occasion, but it is definitely getting better. I had a couple of decks of cards handed down from our friend Juanita, to use for entertainment. The one I broke out was called "52 FUN things to do in the car". I picked about 3 different ones and they weren't as "FUN" as I thought they would be. Emma isn't old enough yet, I guess? One of the games was for naming as many animals as you could that started with A, B, C.... and all the way through the alphabet, in order. Well, my faithful blog readers know that Emma has some difficulty with words that start with certain letters (especially the letter "B"). Each time we would get to her turn, she would say something that started with another letter. I think mostly because it was a little difficult to think of the animals when you were actually on that particular letter. Anyway, we switched, and then we had difficulty with going in order and Gage couldn't wait his turn, etc, etc. Maybe I'll try it again next year? I'll keep them in the glove box so they'll be there again the next time. It was worth a try, and it did kill some time.

I have pictures I want to post, but I am too tired to do it tonight. I believe I am going to go chug a little NyQuil and call it a night. My cold has turned into a cough, and I don't want to be up all night coughing up my lungs. Thank goodness for drugs. :-)

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