Saturday, December 8, 2007

To buy, or not to buy...........that is the question.

I thought I'd get another video uploaded for you all to enjoy. Gage is playing hockey and is green #5. He does a great job skating and gets a great workout at practice and games. I love to see his hair dripping with sweat when he's done. However, when you get 100's of boys, adolescents and adults sweating in the same place, it's not so great. It just reaks of body odor when you walk into the VFW hockey arena. I can't stand the smell. The hockey bags are just as bad when that sweaty gear sits there, I'm sure growing all sorts of bacteria. The other day I started wondering about Gage's mouthpiece. It sits in the hockey bag, attached to his helmet with all of that other stinky sweaty gear. I wonder if that could cause him to get sick? Gage hasn't really been sick yet, so I guess not?

Well, we did NOT get a Christmas tree today. We found a couple that I like, but they are in the $300 range! I have a hard time making decisions like that. I found one at Target that I really like that's $299. There's one at Lowe's that I really like and is $300. There's one at Hobby Lobby that I sort of like, that is normally $250, on sale for $179. I'm not sure if I should spend half of the amount to get a tree that I sort of like, or bite the bullet and spend the $300 on one that I really like. From past experience, I'm usually upset with myself for not getting what I really want. Scott wants a real tree. I like real trees too, but we have waited too long and I don't want to spend $80 for a real tree that we will get to enjoy for 2 weeks. We will be going to Iowa for Christmas, and a rule of mine is that the tree has to be down before we go. One reason is because it scares me having a dry tree begging for a flame in the house. I also have 2 cats that would have every needle knocked off the tree, and possibly have the tree knocked over and all of my ornaments broken. Anyway, the tree has to be down before we go if it's real. If it's artificial, it can stay up and we can take it down after we get back. So, with all of the activities and work that's been going on, I know it will add major stress making sure the tree is down before we go. So, the question is, do I want to worry less and be completely happy with the tree, or do I want major stress and spend money that we will be throwing out the door in 2 weeks? I vote less worry. So, now the question is, do I want to spend $300 for a tree I love, or $179 on a tree that's okay? Any suggestions??


Jody and Emily Jennings said...

That is a hard decision. I can't stand to buy something that I KNOW is going to be on big time sale soon. I don't know what I would do.

taygold said...

bite the bullet and get the one you want otherwise you will want to buy another one next year. Trust me on that one. Its only money HA HA. Can't take it with you so might as well have fun with it while you are here.