Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Crazy schedule

This morning a delivery man stopped by my house to deliver a package. I was in the basement working, and trying not to be disturbed, but I had to go see who it was. As I was peeking up the stairway and trying to see out the window to see who was standing at the front door, I could only see the top of a bald head. I wasn't going to answer the door, but decided I better see who it was. Well, it was a nice surprise. Kodak mailed my camera back to me! I hadn't even gotten a call from them yet to know what was wrong with it. They fixed the broken piece and included a note saying the batteries I had in the camera were causing the problem with the flash and they recommended I use lithium batteries. Anyway, they did all of this for FREE! I guess the little sob story note I wrote in the note about Emma breaking the camera worked!!! I haven't tried the camera out yet, as I haven't had time today, but after I get some new batteries for it I'll be so excited if it works! I guess I shouldn't have any excuses for not having pictures/videos since I have 2 cameras now! :-)

I spent the afternoon at my friend Emily's house. We were baking Christmas cookies. I had a lot of fun. It sure makes the task more fun when you do it with a friend. It didn't seem so much like "work" that way. Plus, she was making some of her favorites too, so we could share. I have a few more kinds to make, and by the time I will need them, I'm sure I'll have to make more because we'll have eaten them all. It will be fine for Sunday though, since I need an assortment for the giving tree gift at church. Whew!

After we ate supper with Emily, Jody, et al, we zoomed to hockey practice. (By the way, thanks for feeding us Emily as we never would have made it to hockey practice otherwise!) It was very snowy and a little slick on the roads so I was trying to be extra cautious, even though we were running late. My kids never like to leave when they are having so much fun. Gage had an extra hard hockey practice. I was glad it was him and not me, as I think it would have killed me.

We zoomed home in the snowy conditions. I got the kids bathed, read to, teeth brushed, etc, etc. (Single parenting is for the birds!) During all of this business, it popped into my head that I am scheduled to deliver Meals on Wheels tomorrow at lunch time. UGH! I forgot about it and had intended to do a "dry run" when Scott was here so we could figure out the most efficient route. So, Emma and I will be out on an adventure tomorrow. I did print out a bunch of maps on mapquest (what the heck did people do before computers were invented?) and hopefully we'll get everyone's meals to them before they turn into a block of ice! Hopefully the roads won't be too treacherous!

I'm not sure why I continue to keep adding more and more things to our already crazy schedules. We also have to get up early in the morning to go to "Pastries with Parents" tomorrow morning at Gage's school. We get to eat donuts in the cafeteria and then buy some books at the book fair that is going on in the lobby. I will be able to take a deep breath tomorrow afternoon when all of this is done! (Except then I can start worrying about not having my required number of hours put in for work!)

No wonder my hair is turning gray!

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