Monday, December 17, 2007

Dead dog tired

I am dead dog tired tonight. I got up at 5:30 this morning to do some work before the kids got up, and then Emily and I played Betty Crocker all day. We started about 9 am and ended about 7pm! We got a lot of stuff baked/made. I have one more thing I want to do, and then I am done with Christmas goodies! I hope my family is very hungry for sweets when we're back in Iowa!!!

Emma had a great time playing with Silas, Hattie and Luke. They have 2 new guinea pigs and she wasn't quite so sure about "Polar bear", who is an albino. She didn't like his red eyes. He said that he looked evil. She talked all the way home about how sweet they were and how gentle they were. She said, "Mom, I want a guinea pig." I told her that they would make a great snack for Brie, and the cats. She decided we didn't need one. Gage joined the group after school and also had a great time. We're all exhausted! Thanks for the entertainment today Emily!

After I picked Gage up from school we stopped at home to pick up a couple of things. When I came in the back door, I noticed the pantry door was open, and inside the pantry, the dog food door was open. Brie had a great day chowing down on dog food. I wish she was smart enough to figure out that every time that happens, it gets followed by peroxide and bad things happen on a full stomach with bubbling peroxide mixed in! If we don't induce vomiting after she gorges herself, then she will have MAJOR diarrhea. And, let me tell you, puke is way more pleasant! Scott gave her the peroxide after he got off of work and cleaned the mess up in the backyard (this entry isn't for people with weak stomachs!) otherwise she'll go out there and snarf it all back down. Scott then came to get Gage at Emily's and took him to his Cub Scout pack meeting which was swimming in Mandan. I came home to a great surprise all over the living room floor. NICE! (Anyone looking for a dog to give as a Christmas present, I've got one I'll donate real cheap!)

I'm starting to cross things off my list of things I need to do before our trip as I continue to add more.

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Scott said...

So sorry as all of that grief at the end was my fault. I was home at lunch and must not have gotten the door closed tight and the reminder about cub scout fun night popped up on my phone this morning but I forgot about it. Chalk this one up as a bad day caused by me. Sorry I caused all the stress and caos. I'll do better tomorrow!