Tuesday, December 18, 2007


As my faithful blog readers know, a few months ago we learned Emma had a cavity. Today was the day for her appointment for having it fixed. Poor Emma. She was absolutely TERRIFIED. She did not want to go. I told her she had to and had no choice. We got to the dentist's office and she wasn't going to get out of the car. We finally made it into the office and she stuck to me like glue. She did finally get down from my lap to play with the toys just prior to them calling her name. We walked through the front area where all of the kids were getting their teeth cleaned, and got back to the hall that led to the treatment room. Emma decided she didn't want to go any farther. I had to pick her up and carry her into the room. I seriously could have let go of her and she wouldn't have fell, she was holding on that tight. I did finally get her in the chair, after the hygienist told Emma that if she didn't relax and calm down, she was going to send me out to the waiting area. That made ME nervous because I didn't want to leave her. I have never seen her act so scared. Our problem, I believe, started with the book The Barenstein Bears Visit the Dentist. Apparently Brother Bear was afraid to go to the dentist because he didn't want to get a shot. Emma told me 2 times before we even left the house to be sure and ask them if they were going to give her a shot. The hygienist was great. She has worked there for 17 years, so she knows what she is doing. She told Emma they don't like that word shot around there, and even spelled it a couple of times, like it was a dirty word. She said they use "sleepy water", and she wouldn't feel any pain. They put the space gear on (the gas mask) and it took her quite awhile to feel like she was "floating in the clouds". She was so scared she wasn't really breathing normally through her nose like she needed to be and she had "Lake Louise forming in her ear" (her ear was full of tears). I sat right on the foot of the chair with her and she didn't let go of my hands the whole time, but I did feel the grip loosen a bit after the gas started working. The hygienist explained everything to her and showed her everything (everything but the "shot" that is). After she had her all geared up and ready for the doctor, she handed Emma a mirror to look at herself. She looked for a long time, and I wish I had known what she was thinking. After the dentist came in, it only took a few minutes to destroy the sugar bugs' home. Emma was totally oblivious to the fact that she had a shot to numb up her mouth. The device they used to inject the medicine is enough to scare anyone away. They were very discreet when handing it back and forth and Emma didn't have a clue. If she had seen that needle, there is no way that dentist would have gotten to even peek in her mouth, let alone drill the cavity and fill it. I asked if I could take a tank of that stuff home with me! I told them we had a long drive this weekend and that could come in very handy. They thought that was quite funny. (I don't think they thought I was serious?) Anyway, Emma did a WONDERFUL job and was very brave. She got to pick 4 toys out of the bin and got a balloon to boot. She picked out 3 things for herself and 1 thing for Gage. They told her to be careful because her tongue and mouth would be numb for a couple of hours and only to eat stuff she didn't have to chew. As a treat, I took Emma through the Starbucks drive thru (okay, I was treating myself too). She ordered a Caramel Apple Spice Cider and it was DELICIOUS! I shouldn't have done that, because now I'm never going to be able to go to Starbucks again without her wanting more. I can't afford my own habit, let alone another one!

After we got home she had some yogurt and was doing great. As I was talking to my Mom on the phone, I noticed Emma at the top of the stairs looking at herself in the mirror with a paper towel on her lip. I didn't know what she was doing. When I went over to check, I noticed there was blood on the paper towel. She showed me her lip and I couldn't believe it. She had been chewing on her lip and it had basically turned into hamburger. It was bleeding and swollen and looked horrible! I felt horrible because they had just told her not to do that, and also told me to try and make sure she doesn't bite her tongue or lip and only give her stuff she wouldn't have to chew for a couple of hours. I had no idea she was even doing that? I hope it heals up quickly. I know it can't feel good and it certainly doesn't look good!

Emma was very proud of herself after it was all over and agreed that she had no reason to be that scared. In the car on the way home she said, "Mom, do you think Dr. Mike is really going to do what he said?" I had to ask her what that was. "He said he was going to call up Santa and tell him I deserved something extra special!" I told her yes, I thought that he really would.

What a day!

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