Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my blog readers! Gage and Emma were very excited to see that Santa found them in Iowa. He left bicycles and lots of toys. Now the fun part.......trying to keep all of the pieces from getting lost before we get back to North Dakota. I have to turn into the toy police to make sure that doesn't happen.

Before going to bed last night the kids got to open up a present from Scott and me. Every year (for 4 years now) it has been a tradition to get a new pair of pajamas on Christmas eve to wear to bed. I don't think Gage or Emma has caught onto this yet. They started begging yesterday morning to open up their present for Christmas eve. I told them we had to wait until bed time. Later, I finally told them that it wasn't going to be as much fun as they thought, because it wasn't a toy. He seemed a bit disappointed, so I let the kids open their gifts to each other last night as well. They were very excited to get their Webkinz. I think we have enough Webkinz now to keep them plenty busy. (Or keep myself busy). I enjoy them just as much as they do, when it comes to playing the games online and buying furniture to decorate their rooms!

I am always so surprised at how much room all of the gifts take when boxed and wrapped. The back of our van was completely loaded full when we left. So full, in fact, that Brie had to ride in front between the front and middle seats. Usually she has plenty of room in the back. Then it is so depressing to think about all of the money spent on all of these gifts and when putting them away after having opened them, they all fit into 2 sacks. I guess Brie will have a lot more room on the return trip to Bismarck; however, assembled bicycles aren't as easy to pack around as they are when they are in their boxes!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends and good health. I am anxious to see what the new year has to offer.

I did not think to bring my camera cords to be able to post pictures and videos on my blog, so those will have to wait until we get home.

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