Thursday, December 20, 2007


I think I am finally ready for Christmas? I'm hoping I bought the last of the gifts tonight. However, as I just typed that, I thought of one I forgot. UGH! My last day of work was this morning, and the kids are both in school tomorrow morning, so I am going to use that 3 hours of no kids to hopefully finish things up!! I'm not sure how I'm going to get it all squeezed into the van?

Tonight I had an appointment for a MUCH needed haircut. I made the appointment a week ago, or maybe even longer? Typically when I finally call to get the appointment, I'm needing it desperately and want it for the same day. It was for 6pm tonight because she was booked up until that time. I was anxious to go because for one, I had my stocking cap on all day long to cover up my bad hair, for two I just wanted to get out by myself. This was a new place that I hadn't been to before (I have taken Emma there), but I know the people who run it. My appointment was to get a cut and highlights, which I have probably done 2 other times in my life. I went in, was greeted by the receptionist and I sat down in a chair to wait my turn. After I sat there for about 10 to 15 minutes, the lady came up to me and asked, "Do you have an appointment here?" I said, "Yeah." I wanted to say, "Well, what other reason would I come in here and sit for 15 minutes?" Then she asked who it was with and what was it for. Since it was apparent they weren't expecting me, I said I only needed a haircut. I would have normally just apologized and said I must have written it down wrong and went home, but my hair was in such bad shape, I really needed it cut. I had to wait another 10 minutes for the gal to be freed up. I feel 10 lbs lighter now, so I guess it was worth the wait? Before I left, Emma was begging to go with me. I think because she just wanted to go into the beauty shop? I told her I was going to get highlights and it would take too long. Gage and Emma wanted to know what highlights were. I had to explain it to them, and told them maybe I'd just have it colored red. Gage got all mad because he said he would be the only one without red hair. LOL. (He got to bed late last night because of hockey, so I was expecting some form of crabbiness). Anyway, it was funny when I came in the house. Gage was checking out my hair and said, "Did you color it black?" Then Emma came to see. Finally Scott came to check it out. I think they were all about as disappointed that I didn't have some different color in my hair was I was? I'm pretty sure I didn't write the appointment down wrong, because I always repeat back on the phone about 2 times the date and time while I'm writing it on the calendar. Oh well. Maybe I'll have to start hairdresser hopping? I just hate going in to get my hair cut. I wish I could get away with shaving my head bald. Bald is beautiful, right Dad?

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Jody and Emily Jennings said...

I saw you so briefly, I didn't even NOTICE your haircut. I'm sorry.