Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I intended to make my blog entry today a little more exciting by taking my new camera to hockey and get some video of Emma skating. Well, I forgot to take the camera. Then, I decided I would take the camera with me on my way to school and take some video of Gage and Emma jumping off of the huge snowpiles in the Corpus Christi Church parking lot. I remembered to take the camera, but then I forgot to take the video. I think I have the same problem my Mom is having! :-) Anyway, I didn't get any exciting videos taken today to spice up my blog. Sorry. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow? Or maybe not?

Gage said he was a celebrity today at school. Many people saw him on the news last night.

Emma is a pain in the rump to take into the stores these days. I swear if I hear her say "Can I have this Mom?" again, the threat I keep making to her that Santa is not going to come to her, is going to have to come true. Or at least I'll make her sweat bullets for a few minutes. I remember my Mom doing that to my sister Jari Jo one year at Christmas and boy was she mad! Do you remember that Jari? I'm sure that's just something a kid never forgets. I'll have to remember to ask Mom if it helped. Emma is headed in that direction that is for sure. We can't go into any store that has Webkinz. It turns into a huge fight and she ends up stomping out of the store with her arms crossed tightly against her chest and her bottom lip stuck out ready for any bird to fly by and poop right on it!

We went to the grocery store after school to pick up the items we need to start making some Christmas goodies. This is a little earlier than I would like, but because of the ornament Emma picked off of the giving tree at church for a family to get Homemade goodies, we need to have some done by Sunday, as that's the last day to have the items delivered to the church. I don't know how they do that, if they give the gifts to the people on Christmas or what? If so, the cookies might get a little hard? Some of them won't be a problem, but a few of the others I make are sooooooo good when they are moist. Maybe they'll deliver them a little early since they are edibles?

The weather outside is turning cold and nasty. Winter storm advisories are out for many areas in North Dakota. Scott is in Colorado for work, so I hope none of this weather causes his flight to be changed on Thursday. Not that it matters much on Thursday, as he doesn't get in until after 10:30p.

I hear fighting upstairs, so I best wrap this up for now. I'll try to make my entry more fun tomorrow by remembering my camera. :-)

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Jari said...

yes I remember and yes I was mad and I don't think it worked because I still have the gimmies and the I wants. LOL only now it is more dangerous because I have a credit card. LOL