Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to the old drawing board.

I tried posting last night around 11p and for whatever reason, I wasn't able to. I think the website was down because I kept getting an error message. I was feeling quite guilty about it, but there wasn't anything I could do. I thought I would probably end up worrying my most faithful blog readers (my Mom and Dad). Sorry if I caused you any worry Mom and Dad!

We are pretty much back to the old drawing board here. It was fairly boring here yesterday. We slept in and then had swimming lessons at noon. We then ate lunch at McDonald's because I had an appointment to take the van in for an oil change, so the kids and I sat at the Honda dealership for around a half an hour, and then we had to take it over to Abra Body and Glass to have them re-glue the weatherstripping around the windshield. It has been coming out around the top of the windshield for several months now, but Scott kept forgetting to tell them when we would take it in for maintenance. We waited there for around 20-30 minutes as well. The kids were getting along SO WELL! I almost thought they must be sick or something. Even the lady at the counter at Abra said, "Boy, they sure do play well together!" I assured her this was an unusual occurance! However, I was enjoying it! After Scott got off work he came home to get us for a DU family picnic (which I totally forgot about!). I was quite glad I hadn't gotten anything ready for supper at that point. They are having staff meetings with a bunch of remote staff in the office to attend. They were grilling steaks and hot dogs and then had a couple different salads, watermelon, garlic toast and cakes for dessert. It was pretty good. Anything for supper that I don't have to cook, and is also FREE, is always good! We were out until 9:30, so we were definitely out too late and Gage and Emma were back to normal fighting over sticks, etc. Time to go home!

I got a call from Kysa yesterday afternoon around 4:30 and they made it home safe and sound. She emailed me a picture of them at Mt. Rushmore that you can see here.

Colton has the cutest hat on. I think that must have been a souvenir from some place because I didn't see that hat in his suitcase while he was here. It's a good thing, because I may have stolen it from him! :-) Dustin looks thrilled to death here.......NOT. He must be taking on his Dad's attitude or something? I see Ted there in the background, again choosing not to participate in pictures. I'm sure glad they were able to do some site-seeing on their way home. Hopefully this won't be their first AND last vacation. We'll have to kidnap the boys every July and take them with us do to something fun. (I'll put Kysa in my suitcase as well!) Gage is still missing Colton and Dustin something awful. He is one of the most tenderhearted kids I know. He loves spending time with family and it always breaks his heart when that time comes to an end. Hopefully the distraction we have coming up this weekend will help. We will be spending Saturday in Fargo for Scout Day with the Redhawks. Gage will be attending a baseball clinic put on by the Redhawk players, then we have a pizza party. That will be followed by a Redhawks game, and then after the game we will come back into the stadium for an all night campout! This will be our first ever camping trip with kids. In fact, I think our last camping trip we ever took was in western North Dakota with our beloved friends, Jason and Julie Barker, just before Jason was diagnosed with cancer, then followed by Julie. We went to Walmart yesterday to get a few outdoor folding chairs so each of us will have our own chair. They will be showing a movie in the stadium and I'm guessing we'll need the chairs; however, I'm not completely sure about that. I'm hoping we won't have to sit in the bleachers for that, as I'm sure we'll have sat in the bleachers quite enough for one day and my back will probably be killing me, and then sleeping on the ground isn't going to help matters much. I think I am going to invest in an air mattress before we leave on Saturday. I also hope to get to do a little school shopping in Fargo at some of the children's stores we don't have here in Bismarck. (Too bad there isn't a payday before we go! HA HA!)

Not much going on here today. We have swimming lessons again at lunch time, and then I have an appointment with Warford's this afternoon. I'm hoping I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with these braces. If I could have them off in time for corn on the cob season, that would be GREAT! I'm not going to hold my breath, however. Gage also will have his final baseball game of the season tonight! We're gearing up for school to start, which is just only about 4 weeks away! This summer sure has gone by fast!


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