Friday, July 18, 2008

Safety Village Graduation

Emma and Colton graduated from Safety Village today and their class put on a little play to show what they have learned in the past 2 weeks. This is such a neat program for the kids!

Colton and Emma are power line posts here, and they are singing a song about power line safety. It was pretty cute as one dressed as a tree fell onto the power line.

What cool shades! They have on their sunglasses as they get into the car and "Buckle Up".

They learned several different songs and hopefully learning the words to music will help them to remember if they ever need to use any of the information they have learned.

Colton receives his Safety Village diploma.

Emma receives her diploma as well.

After the program inside, they went outside to show us what they learned about safety on the roads and with pedestrians, etc. They had a big time racing around Safety Village.

It was hard to catch Emma at a place I could get her picture because she kept zooming right by!

Colton and Emma - Safety Village - July 2008

Emma and Colton singing "Buckle Up"

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