Sunday, July 6, 2008

We're back!

Whew! What a trip! We made it back to Bismarck this evening around 5pm, then went and played volleyball at 6:30, then Gage had a baseball game at 7:30! Way to break us back into the busyness of life!

We have my 2 nephews, Dustin and Colton, with us. They have barely been out of the state of Iowa, so the long trip was new to them. They did GREAT, I must say! Dustin slept probably 10 of the 12 hours (he's nearing those teenage years, so that's probably not a big surprise!). Colton rode quietly in the back seat with Gage. It was really a great trip. Very quiet! I guess since Gage had Colton and Emma had Dustin, they didn't have each other to fight with, which made a pleasant trip. Until Gage and Emma decided to battle it out singing to the iPods that no one else could hear. They were a bit off tune (quite a bit actually), but I couldn't complain because we had a very nice trip. We have all kinds of fun adventures planned for the next 2 weeks! We may need another vacation when they leave to get rested back up! :-)

Thanks Kysa for letting us bring them home with us! We'll take good care of them, I promise! :-)

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Anonymous said...

I know you will take great care of them....I am so glad they are having a great time with a great family!!!