Friday, July 18, 2008

Dustin's Birthday (Part 2) with the "Whooo-ters"

The other day Dustin said he wanted to go to Hooters for his birthday supper. You know, from my last experience at Hooters, this wasn't going to be my top pick of places to go!

I decided these "Whooo-ters" cupcakes would go perfectly with his birthday theme. Have fun scrapbooking this one Kysa!

These cupcakes were in the same book as the aliens and I just stumbled upon it this morning and made the connection. I had 6 unfrosted cupcakes left from the alien bunch, so I think this was definitely "meant to be".

These were really fun (and easy) to make! I just used store-bought chocolate frosting to cover the cupcake, then used the frosting to stick the opened oreo cookies and Junior Mints on top for the eyes. The ears are also pieces of oreo cookies. The nose is the banana out of Runts candy mix. Then, I just used my leaf tip and decorating bag for the feathers, but the book said you could just cut the corner of a ziploc bag filled with frosting to do the same thing. The kids LOVED these as well. Dustin says, "Wow, you're really good at this!" :-) That made it all worth it.

After Scott got off of work, we headed to Hooters for Dustin's birthday supper. I told him when he first said he wanted to go to Hooters, that the only way I would go back to Hooters was if he would let me take a picture of him with all of the Hooter girls that I could turn into a poster. He got a big smile on his face and said, "You can make posters out of the pictures?" :-) He wants some fat head thing (I can't remember what it's called, but it's a life-size cut out) instead, but I told him he would have to settle with a poster.
While we were there, Scott mentioned to our waitress that it was Dustin's birthday and she wanted to know how old he was and asked him his name. I figured he would get a free dessert or something similar to the "alien ears" that Colton got last night at Space Aliens. Boy was I WRONG!

All of the Hooter girls came clapping through the restaurant, got 2 barstools, and had Dustin stand up on them while they sang Happy Birthday to him! I couldn't believe he willingly stood up there for the entire restaurant to see! I would have left (IMMEDIATELY) had that been me! Dustin didn't seem to mind, however.

That was a long time to stand up there, and he zoned in on one of the big screened t.v.'s on the wall for distraction. I have never seen Dustin get so red in the face. One man hollered at him and said he was blushing.

He looks scared to death! :-)

Or maybe that's a "When is this ever going to end?" look?

As promised, I got my picture of Dustin surrounded by Hooters girls! We also bought him a Hooters baseball jersey as a souvenir for this unforgettable birthday! :-)

Whooo-ever designed these cameras to also take video was a genius I tell you!

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Shannon said...

Dustin must of thought he was in Heaven!! What a cute kid!! I love the owl cupcakes too!! You are such a wonderful mother and aunt Stacy!!!