Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mother of the Year

I think I am up for the Mother of the Year award this year. This afternoon I took all of the kids to the Hillside swimming pool for our days' adventure. We were there for a little over 2 hours and somehow, even after applying sunscreen (TWO TIMES), Emma got sunburned. If you know me, then you know I'm kind of a freak about sunscreen as far as my kids are concerned. I almost always have some with me and am always annoying Gage and Emma when I keep putting more and more on. This evening after supper we went to a going away party for one of the DU employees who will be transferring to the Memphis office (boy do I feel sorry for them!) and I noticed Emma's neck looked red when she was walking away, so I had her come back so I could look at her back. Her shoulders were nearly fried (okay, they probably weren't THAT bad, but any sunburn on my kids, in my opinion, is bad) and she had strap marks from her swimming suit. I felt horrible. I hope it doesn't hurt tomorrow. I know when they are swimming and sweating you are supposed to reapply, but I would think that 2 times in a little over 2 hours is plenty? Maybe I just missed her shoulders the second time around, but I seriously think I remember lathering them up pretty good both times? UGH! I'll do better next time, I promise!

Colton takes a little rest along side the pool. He and Dustin are very tan, so I didn't worry as much about them burning, even though I did put sunscreen on them. (Dustin made sure I knew he was capable of putting on his own sunscreen by applying it on our trip to the pool!)

Since I took a picture of Colton resting, Gage wanted one of him too. He looks a little more uptight, and almost like they should be drawing chalk lines around him because rigor mortis has set in? :-)

Gage has been working hard at doing handstands in the water since our outdoor church service/pool rental. He finally did it!

Dustin breaks free from being mauled by the kids. They didn't allow face masks with nose pieces or snorkels in the pool, so he was bummed about that, but had a good time playing with Gage, Emma and Colton.

Emma frying on the pavement. Evidence of my Mother of the Year award status. UGH!

Gage takes a leap off the diving board.

Colton decided to give the diving board a try. He did great and had no problem swimming to the edge to climb up the ladder. Emma tried twice to get the nerve to jump off the board, but couldn't bring herself to actually take the plunge. Maybe next time?
I don't have any pictures from Thursday of last week, but I'll make up for it tomorrow with a bunch I took on the 4th of July. :-)

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Kysa said...

OMG!! That is his first time without a life jacket for jumping off the board....haha!! He's went down the Lenox slide without the life jacket and was doing very well coming back to the side.....Good job!!!
I definately need pictures!!!