Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy "early" Birthday to me!

I think it was last week that I got an email from a gal that works with Scott at Ducks Unlimited that was an invitation to a Ladies DU event-type thing. I didn't really know what it was, but I knew I enjoy going to the Ladies' DU Banquet, so when I was reading the invitation, it said to invite a friend. I forwarded the email onto my friend Kara and asked her if she would like to go with me. She said it sounded like fun and that she would love to come. I'm not sure if it was that same day, or a day or two later when I was talking to Scott about it and told him I was going to go and I had invited Kara to come with me. It was then that he informed me that this was an event to get volunteers to be on the Central Dakota Chapter Ladies' Duck Unlimited committee! YIKES! I enjoy going to the women's DU banquet in the fall, but I don't want to be on the committee that puts it on! I promptly called Kara up and apologized because I was going to have to uninvite her to this DU event. She was totally offended that I was uninviting her (just kidding!), and suggested we keep the date on the calendar and go out to eat supper together. I thought that was a great idea! She asked me where I wanted to go and eat and I decided Chinese sounded good, so she stopped by this evening at 6 to pick me up and we had supper at China Garden. During our meal she reached into her purse and took something out and handed it to me and said, "Happy Birthday!" She gave me this beautiful necklace and earrings that she made.

I absolutely LOVE them! I didn't even realize she knew my birthday was coming up! She then snatched the bill and paid for my supper as well. Thanks so much Kara! You didn't have to do any of that, but I love the jewelry and the supper was delicious! After we ate we went for a walk on the path along the river. Unfortunately it was cut short due to the mosquitos! They were horrible!

When we arrived back home Emma enjoyed demonstrating her hula hooping abilities to Kara, as did Gage.

I took this video this morning of Emma outside doing her hula hoop. She's doing pretty good.

Gage is getting better. I laugh when I see him do it. He's not as fluent with his movements. :-) (He gets that from his mother AND father!) I've been trying to get video of Scott hula hooping but I have been unsuccessful.

Later on, when I was talking to my sister Kysa on the phone, I had to brag to her about getting to eat Chinese food, and also about my new jewelry. She was dying to see it, so I told her I would post them on my blog. I also told her about another set of jewelry that I bought from Kara about a year ago and she wanted to see those too.

You'll have to check out Kara's website KLG Designs to see other jewelry pieces that she makes. She is very talented, as you can see! She has a booth at Urban Harvest this year, and she will also have a booth at The Capital A'Fair this weekend on the capital grounds. Thanks so much Kara for the necklace and earrings. I LOVE THEM!

Other than my exciting evening, not too much happened today. The kids had swimming lessons at noon. Gage was so excited because he passed the level he was currently in! Emma hasn't been tested yet, so I'll be interested in seeing if she passes. Last time when she didn't pass she told me she didn't want to because she would have to do more stuff. UGH! That's kind of the point!

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Kara said...

I had a great time too....too bad those mosquitos were after us! We should have stayed out another half hour so we didn't disrupt bedtimes...mine were just getting ready when I got home too. I am always amazed how Guy seems to lose track of time when I am not there to keep our schedule! :) Luckily the girls were still happy and were excited when I told them how Emma is a rockstar at hula hooping! I'll make sure to show them the video today! Enjoy your "official" birthday when it comes. If you get bored you can drop by the Capital A'Fair!