Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Dustin! Part 1

I can't believe Dustin is 12 years old! I remember going to Lamaze classes with Kysa as her coach when she was pregnant with him! It just happened to be at a time when I was at home, I believe just before we moved to Memphis. That was an exciting day for all!

Dustin looks pretty good in Colton's slinky eyes that he won at Space Aliens last night! The arms won't stay on, so they are currently being superglued for the trip back to Iowa! :-)

Dustin was excited to wake up and see we had presents waiting for him on the table. I had him convinced that I had not had a chance to get anywhere to get him anything before he went to bed..................what a mean Aunt!

What could it be?

Books!!! YEAH!

This was a MUCH better response to getting books for his birthday! He was very happy to get them and he plans to do some reading on his LONG trip home! On the right is a Webkinz bookmark, in case you were wondering because of the glare.

Dustin also got a Webkinz, Yertle the Turtle, for his birthday. Due to Yertle's shell, the baseball uniform will have to be put on one of his Webkinz at home.

The kids all wanted a picture of them and their Webkinz.

Twin Yertle's!

I finally finished decorating Dustin's birthday cake this afternoon. I completely free-handed the lettering and it's definitely not my best work; however, Dustin said it was the "most awesome birthday cake ever" and that's all that matters! :-) Colton came to take a look and he said, "Wow, that looks just like a baseball!"

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