Sunday, July 13, 2008

Raging Rivers

This morning we got up and went to church and actually got there early, even though we had 2 extras to get ready! I think Dustin and Colton enjoyed going with us, even though it's hard to figure out the first time you go when you're supposed to stand, sit, sing, etc. :-)

After church we decided to head over to Mandan to the Raging Rivers water park. We were going to do the wave pool today with the Cub Scout group, but that date was changed to Wednesday, and due to a conflict with baseball Wednesday evening, we won't be able to go to that. So, we decided to do Raging Rivers today. I'm so glad we did. That would have been ALOT for me to do alone with all 4 kids. Dustin and Gage were pretty much self-sufficient, but I didn't want to let Emma and Colton out of my sight, and having an extra set of eyes, definitely helped me stay sane!

There were ALOT of people there because it was a weekend AND it was warm out. I'm sure it would have been a little less busy during the week, but the extra set of eyes and hands were a blessing. Nobody drowned or got lost (well, Gage was misplaced for a little while), so it was a success and the kids had a GREAT time!

Here we are at Raging Rivers! (I actually took this picture on the way out because I forgot to on the way in!)

Gage wanted to go down the big yellow waterslide to start the day. He went on it by accident last year because at the top he didn't know which slide was which and it scared him to death. He had no problems with it this year!

Here comes Dustin down the slide! I heard him let out a scream after he hit the drop off and started straight down. I should have gotten a picture of his face at the end! He went down it several more times; despite the initial reaction.

Emma and Colton had fun playing on the playground equipment in the shallow pool while Gage and Dustin went down the big slides. They were not very happy about the fact that they were not allowed to go down the speed slides because they were both too short. They'll definitely be able to next year, as they were just slightly below the line.

After the speed slides they all hopped onto the Lazy River. Gage is the first one aboard his tube.

Dustin comes next in line. There were more people than tubes, so you had to wait awhile to catch an abandoned tube when one would come around, and once you got ahold of one, you didn't want to let go!

Here comes Scott, Emma and Colton down the Lazy River.

Just hanging out, being lazy! Emma ended up with another sunburn. Not my fault this time, although it doesn't really matter. It was on her lower back this time and Scott admitted that he wasn't sure if he got that part on the second application or not? At least it was a different part of her body this time!

Emma taking a break and eating a few contraband cookies. You are not supposed to take outside food or beverages into the park, but I stocked a bag full of snacks because I knew just the admission fees were going to be ugly, I didn't want to add more on top of it by buying snacks at the stand. One bottle of pop cost $2, according to Scott! OUCH!

Dustin floating down the river again. Gage has pinkophobia. At one point we were trying to catch tubes and I caught a pink one for Gage and he absolutely refused to get into a pink tube! I guess I don't have to worry about cross-dressing with him!

Who's that handsome dude? :-)

Dustin on the slide again. I did not go down the speed slides this year. Last year I went down the yellow slide and I ended up with the biggest wedgie I've ever had! I was pulling my suit out of places I didn't know I had! LOL! If the name Restibutia rings any bells, I need not say another word! :-)

Scott and Emma coming down one of the other water slides you ride down in tubes. They have single and double tubes for one or two persons to ride down in. The kids had a great time on these slides as well.

Time to go home!

It was easier rounding everyone up to go home than I thought it would be. There was no arguing about not wanting to go, so I think everyone was wore out. That's alot of steps to climb to get to the top of those waterslides, and they went down them MANY times.
We stopped to get pizza on our way home to eat for supper before heading off to the park for our church league volleyball. We ended up having to stay and ref the second game so we were at the park longer than I wanted to be. I stood on the ground at the net, opposite Scott to be the line judge and to watch the net. As I was standing there, I saw Gage walking from the parking area to where the rest of the kids were playing alongside the court in the sand and he walked right up to the culvert in the ditch and pulled his pants down to take a pee! OMG! I nearly died! He's apparently been in Iowa and Tuttle too much lately! I told him that he probably thought no one was watching, but I was, and next time PLEASE USE THE BATHROOM!!!! I guess I'm lucky it wasn't Emma!?

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Emily Jennings said...

I saw a kid pee at the park (not my own) the other day...only it wasn't on the grass. It was on the recycled tire flooring right UNDER the slide. I was totally grossed out b/c the grass was just a few yards away. Grass is one know??

Did you get to watch Big Brother? I thought of you when I saw the commercial.