Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We've arrived!

Well, we are in Iowa at my parents' house. It was a long drive. It's been since Christmas that we were here last, so apparently the kids had forgotten how long the drive was. I was getting real tired of "How much more miles" coming from Emma's mouth, or "How long until we are there" from Gage's mouth.

Last night when Gage talked Grandma into letting him play a game on her computer, he dropped the keyboard and then we had error messages and couldn't do anything on the computer. We had to call their local tech support here in town and have him walk Scott through some steps and he doubts all of this came from Gage dropping the keyboard, but there were corrupt files and we ended up having to reload everything onto their computer today I told Gage at bedtime last night that we are here on vacation and that he does NOT need to be playing computer games while we are here, and he isn't allowed to touch the computer without Dad or Mom helping him. This computer is a very important piece of equipment in my Mom's daily life and without it, she would probably go crazy.

It was also this morning that I realized my purse was not in the car. I asked Scott if he had brought it into the house and he didn't know. So I was looking down in the basement in our room and couldn't find it. The last time I remember having it was in Brookings, S.D. when we ate lunch at Z'kota Grille. Since the computer wasn't back up yet, Scott used his cell phone to access the internet to find their phone number to see if I left it there, or if someone had taken it out of the car last night since the doors were not locked and it would have been left in the car. They asked Scott to describe what it looked like and yep, I left it there. UGH! I guess they are guaranteed some business from us when we drive back through on Sunday on our way back to Bismarck. I'm very thankful that it was an honest person that found it and turned it in as lost.

My Mom and Dad had to put their beloved dog, Willy, to sleep yesterday and we have definitely caused some distraction to take their minds off of their loss. She is now up in heaven with Branta watching all of the craziness going on down here on earth. There has definitely been some of that since we've arrived in Iowa! We miss having Willy around. The kids were sad to learn that Willy is now with Branta. I remember I was still living at home when my parents got her, so she had a long, happy life.

I guess we pretty much came in with a bang. Gage messed up the computer and I lost my purse. What next?

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