Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stacy's Top Ten

If I had four kids of my own..............

1. I would have to buy more dinner plates because we are constantly running out before I have a chance to get them washed for the next meal.

2. We would need more forks and spoons since there aren't even enough to get us through one meal without having to wash some dirty ones that are already in the sink.

3. We would need to buy more bath towels, or just have stinky kids.

4. It would be smarter to just buy my own milk cow. It would be cheaper in the long run!!

5. I would probably have to get a job to help support the family, but more importantly have a place to "get away".

6. I would need to grow 6 more arms and just as many eyes.

7. I would have more gray hairs than brown.

8. I would need a constant supply of beer in the fridge.

9. I would have to buy a lifetime supply of cotton balls to use as ear plugs.

10. I would certainly go crazy.

Actually, things are really going pretty well. I think I am going to keep Dustin and Colton and send Gage and Emma back with Aunt Kysa. Gage is so tired from all of our activities and from getting to bed late each night that I can hardly stand it. Tonight at his ballgame he was thrown out at first and came back into the dugout completely bummed out and crying. He was then on first base and when the next guy hit the ball, Gage took off running for second and was tagged out because the ball was caught in the air. Gage came back to the dugout crying. Another time he was on second base, the ball was hit right to the third baseman and he was running as fast as his legs could even think about carrying him, and he was tagged out once again. I could see it coming as the play was being made and he came over to me bawling like crazy. All of his teammates kept asking him what was wrong. He also threw his helmet on the ground which is NOT OKAY. I'm ready for school to start and for bedtime to be moved back up to 6:30pm.

Tomorrow is Colton's 7th birthday. I've been on a mission today trying to make him a birthday cake. I have run all over town looking for various items such as clear take out containers that have a domed lid, black shoestring licorice and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I struck out on the containers and the sunflower seeds. I ended up finding the black wheel licorice which was basically two pieces of black shoestring licorice fused together and rolled into a wheel at the candy store in the mall. The lady working there was absolutely worthless. When I asked her about whether they had the licorice or not she nearly said "NO" before I even spit out what I was trying to say, then I found the wheel licorice and asked her if it could be unrolled and separated to be like shoestring licorice, she replied, "YES" just as quickly. She was too busy playing on her computer to help me find what I was looking for. Emma and I found this awesome book at the library called, "Hello, Cupcake! Irresistibly playful creations anyone can make" by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson (I hope that helps you find the book at your library Emily.............and I didn't get a chance to email you the shark instructions today......I'll try again tomorrow) and Colton picked out Alien cupcakes. I think if anyone is ever looking to make penis cupcakes, give me a call. I think the Aliens were resembling penises rather than aliens. I'm anxious to see what Coley thinks of them in the morning. I have them finished, but am waiting to post pictures tomorrow for his birthday. THEN, if that isn't enough, Dustin's birthday is on Friday! I'm sure it would be easier to do one cake for the 2 of them, (and maybe Kysa does this at home) but you know me and cakes! Remember the butterfly fiasco back in February? I'm so excited that I get to be a part of their birthdays this year and I know they will remember this summer for a long time to come. (I still remember getting to go stay with my oldest sister, Kim, in Illinois when I was about Dustin's age.)

Sorry there are no pictures tonight! I'll have lots tomorrow! :-)

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Kara said...

Can't wait to see your new creations! Did you check Lindey Sue's over in Mandan (downtown in the Mandan Drug building.) They always have lots of goodies and might have the chocolate covered sunflower seeds....too late now, probably. The list if you had four kids was cute! Happy Birthday to your nephews!