Saturday, July 19, 2008

The end is sadly near

My sister Kysa and her husband arrived in Bismarck today. It was a LONG drive. I told her that I usually have to do everything with guests the first time they visit, because many of them won't make that long trip again! We explored as much of Bismarck as we can in just one afternoon/evening. Tomorrow morning we are all going to get up and head to Medora to go to the pitchfork fondue and Medora musical tomorrow night. Kysa and family will leave from there early Monday morning and head to Rapid City, SD to see Mount Rushmore on their way back to Iowa, as well as the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. We will just head back to Bismarck Monday morning and come back to a "boring" house (I can just hear it now).
We made Dustin's day because we went to Sam's Club and made a 20x30 poster out of his picture with the Hooters girls. He is very protective of it and is going to make sure it makes it home safe and sound! (I think his Dad is jealous!) :-)
I won't be blogging tomorrow, but look for some good pictures (and I'm sure there will be some good stories) sometime Monday of our trip to Medora. It should prove to be an interesting mini family vacation.
Have a great weekend!

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