Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Well, okay, so it's not paradise, but it wasn't a bad day either. We have slept in the past few mornings until around 9am or maybe even a little later. I don't feel great when I sleep in, so I don't know why I continue to do it over and over and over. I suppose it's because I don't get to sleep until midnight or later. It's just a vicious cycle and I take after my Mom in that department.

Gage's last baseball game of the season went well last night. He had fun and only got out once, and the meltdown was prevented because the game was over and he was distracted by shaking hands with the opponents and then they received ribbons and a pin. Scott received a $50 gift card to Texas Roadhouse from all of the parents. I was surprised about that. I'm sure they must have taken up a collection from each of the families, and they did well keeping me in the dark. I knew nothing about it. What a nice gift.

We attended story time at the library this morning and then the kids finished their first week (of two) of swimming lessons. They are both doing very well, and I will be surprised if they don't pass on to the next level. Our afternoon was just sort of quiet. I have been trying to get things around for our camping trip on Saturday. This will be a good way to break us in for camping. It won't be completely primitive, but yet, we will be sleeping outside in the tent, on the hard ground. I believe Scott did go and purchase an air mattress tonight. I think he's afraid I may not walk again if I sleep on the hard ground? I'm afraid he might be right?

We have been waiting all day to watch tonight's episode of America's Top Dog. What a funny show. We saw the premiere episode, but missed last weeks' episode because we were partying at Space Aliens with Colton and Dustin. Mom and Dad, if you haven't watched this show yet, you need to tune in on Thursday nights at 7 pm on CBS. I know you will enjoy this reality show.

Emma has been really focused on pets these days and is desperately trying to get a new one. Apparently 3 isn't enough? She's determined to somehow get to Grandma Pipi's house to see their new puppy, Dolly. She has been capturing ladybugs and keeping them as "pets" the past few days and we have had a couple that have escaped in the house (I guess that's better than the toad she lost in Grandma Pipi's basement over the 4th of July!). This reminds me that I have been planning to share pictures of the greased pig contest over the 4th of July when I ran out of current pictures to post.

Last year Emma did not want to touch the pigs. She thought they were cute and she wanted to touch them, but when she would get close enough to touch them, and then felt the slime, she couldn't bring herself to actually do it. (I was glad of that!)

Well, this year was a different story. There were more kids than pigs, so the guy said they would turn the pigs that had been caught, loose again, so they could be caught again by someone else. Instead of catching 1 pig, Emma caught 4 pigs! I don't know if it was the same pig over and over, but she returned a pig to the trailer 4 different times. Someone commented (I think maybe it was Kysa?) that she was catching them to keep. Thank goodness that wasn't her goal.

Here's Emma, trying to decide which pig is her first victim. I think Scott was coaching her to get the spotted one...............

...............and the spotted one she caught!

What a great picture! She was determined to get this pig in the trailer, but yet did not want to get too slimey in the process! The poor thing didn't do too much kicking, so she was able to get him there without too much difficulty.

Here she goes for pig #2. She then repeated this 2 more times! I'm not sure if everyone had the chance to catch a pig, or if Emma "hogged" them all?
That was hard work! Time to wash up! I think Emma was meant to be a farm girl?

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