Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Colton! Part 1

Everyone was excited this morning to help Colton celebrate his birthday. Before heading off to Safety Village Colton opened up his birthday presents and checked out his Space Alien cupcakes!

Yeah, books! This will certainly keep Colton busy on the roap trip home!

Ready, Freddy! are some of our favorite chapter books! I know Colton will enjoy these!

A Webkinz baseball uniform! HOW COOL!

A Bengal Tiger Webkinz! Just what he wanted!

How many 7 year old boys does it take to dress a Webkinz in a baseball uniform? cute!

There's been an alien invasion! Colton was thrilled to death with his alien cupcakes, and I used the donut hole container for the spaceship since I couldn't track down any individual take out containers/space ships.

Everyone picked out their favorite alien, but no one gets to eat one until later!!

Dustin and Colton had a picture of their presents emailed to us from home! Dustin couldn't make a guess at what was inside because he wasn't sure which present was his! :-)

On our way to Safety Village we noticed that Central Market is having their Customer Appreciation Days today and tomorrow and have TONS of inflatables set up in the parking lot! Colton quickly changed his mind and said he wanted to do THAT for his birthday! (I was hoping he would say that!)

We met Scott at Central Market for lunch and we had walking tacos, brats and burgers for lunch then were admitted into the inflatable area. It was $7 each, or $20 for a family of 4. I don't know why anyone would buy just three, since it would be cheaper to buy 4? Scott and I decided that for $5 each, this was going to be well worth the money spent!

They had a big boxing arena inflatable that was pretty cool. The boxing gloves were almost too heavy for them to carry around, let alone throw a punch!

At this inflatable, air was blowing from this cone to keep a ball suspended in the air for some batting practice! Colton can hit that ball HARD!

Check out this inflatable! You climb up the steps, then slide down the slide that has water running down it! I've never seen one quite like it!

This inflatable was the coolest by far (I mean that literally!) Gage takes a dive down the slide.

Colton is airborne as he takes a dive!

Here comes Gage down the home stretch. He had it figured out how to twist and turn and do sommersaults down this part of the slide!

Dustin wasn't interested in playing at first. I'm sure that had something to do with the pretty young girls that were manning the stations. I finally talked him into putting on his swimming trunks and trying it out. I think he was glad he did, as he had a great time!

Dustin Ali waiting for someone big enough to take him on!

Gage, Colton and Emma look more like their participating in a 3-ringed circus versus a 3-way boxing match!

Emma and Colton duke it out.

Here's a little glimpse of the boxing ring.

Hey! No fair! Colton is being double teamed by the Stephens' duo!

Here comes Emma running down the water slide!

Colton and Gage crash. (Look at that six pack Colton has!)


Emma just chillin'!
Here's a little glimpse of the craziness on the water slide!

After 3 hours of inflatable fun it was time to head home. Gage was melting down and I could tell is was only going downhill from there. We had alien cupcakes waiting for us at home, so they were anxious to get home for an afternoon alien snack attack! Make a wish Colton!

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