Thursday, July 17, 2008

Colton's Birthday Part 2

Colton chose to eat supper at Space Aliens Bar & Grill for his birthday meal. We always let the kids choose whatever restaurant they want on their birthday, and we didn't want to treat Colton any differently!

While we were waiting for our table, we saw the Alien walking around the restaurant. He isn't always out roaming around, so this was a treat! AND, if you shook his hand, they were giving out free game tokens!

Colton wasn't so sure about shaking his hand until we told him about the free tokens! :-)

I stood here forever waiting for everyone to get out of my way so I could take a picture of the kids with the Alien. This lady on the right didn't realize it and stood there forever, then when someone told her I was trying to take a picture, she attempted to squeeze out of the way. I noticed when she took a picture of her group with the Alien, no one stood in her way!

Gage using up some tokens on the skeet ball game, or whatever you call it.

Colton giving it a try.

Dustin was very funny. He walked around checking ALL of the games out and trying to figure out what you were supposed to do to win tickets before he put any tokens in the machine. He hit the jackpot on this one and won 90 tickets!

Dustin said the ribs were delicious!

Colton enjoying some Fire Roasted Pepperoni Pizza!

Gage taking a big ol bite of his hamburger.

Emma wanted to see what it tasted like to chase some alien ears down with lemonade. Apparently it wasn't so good!

Our last game of the night was Deal or No Deal. I let Dustin play the last 4 tokens on this game. He picked case #11 and then picked his first 4 cases. He had an offer of 39 tickets and he accidentally hit the Deal button. He couldn't figure out why he was done at first, then realized he hit the wrong button. He had the jackpot of 200 tickets in his case! Oh man, was he bummed!
The kids are completely exhausted. I am going to sleep for a week when it quiets down here. It is 10:30 pm and I have 5 more minutes of baking time on Dustin's cake! YIKES! Calgon, take me away!

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