Sunday, November 2, 2008

3.........2.......1.........blast off!

We have had such nice weather the past several days. It is quite unusual for it to be so nice this time of year. We will be getting some colder, rainy weather this week according to the weatherman.

Today Gage was determined to get a rocket built so that we could launch it this afternoon. He has had a model rocket kit that he got for Christmas a couple of years ago that he found and wanted to put together so Scott and the kids worked on building the rocket for a little while this afternoon, then we headed to the capital grounds to launch it. It was a dud. The launcher wasn't working right so we ended up going home. After we got home, Scott figured out why it didn't work, so we went back and had 2 successful launches. Gage named it Apollo 18. Ever since they started studying the moon and planets in science class, he has been obsessed with space. We have read books about the Challenger, Apollo 11 and Apollo 13, hence the name Apollo 18. He was very excited when his rocket finally took off! I did get some video, but it takes so long to download that I decided I will do that tomorrow.

Even though we had an extra hour of sleep through the night, I don't feel any more rested. We got up and went to the 9am church service and I was just as tired this morning as I was yesterday morning so I'm headed to bed early tonight!

Scott and the kids getting ready to launch their rocket.

Apollo 18 ready for take off!

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Kara said...

Emma is getting so much older looking! I don't know if it is the haircut or what....she is just getting so beautiful!