Monday, November 24, 2008


Once or twice a week, we have extra kids in the morning and after school. I always try having Gage and Emma ready for school before the others arrive, so that I don't have to fight them too much and they can play the rest of the time before we head to school. I don't know why, but Gage almost ALWAYS has a bad attitude on our walk to school on the mornings we have their friends here. Well, actually, I guess I do know why. It's because Gage acts like a different kid when he is around this friend. They get LOUD and tear things apart in the house and he usually gets in some sort of trouble, causing a bad attitude on our walk to school. Both he and Emma were stomping their feet on our walk to school this morning. It's a great way to start the day, don't you think? We had them after school as well, until after 5pm. I think that was too long and I believe both parties (the kids and me) believed that to be true. When Scott got home the little girl went up to him and said, "I don't know where my Mom is!" I assured her that she would be here any minute. Emma and her friend were having problems getting along this afternoon. At one point her friend came to tell on Emma and I had no idea what she was trying to tattle about. I think she said Emma wouldn't play with her and then she said Emma kept trying to "smell her shirt". I'm repeating, "What?" over and over because I couldn't figure out why Emma would want to smell her shirt? She finally said it a little more clear and said she wanted to "spell her shirt". She had a shirt on that had snowman parts and had something written on it and Emma was "spelling" it. Emma has been on a spelling kick lately. She spells every word she sees, whether she knows what it is or not. She has been trying to read and is doing such a good job at sounding words out. The ones that can't be sounded out are more difficult, but she'll get it.

Gage's friend, Garret, also came home with us this afternoon. His mom, my friend Sherry, was panicked at the doctor's office because their appointment with Garret's brother was lasting much longer then they had anticipated. I was happy to be able to help out.

Only 2 more days of school this week. The kids are looking forward to Thanksgiving and I sent Scott out to buy a turkey tonight. What are your holiday plans?


Jari said...

well sis, my plans are to work from 7:30 - 4:00 then come home and eat chicken noodle soup for supper and miss my family something terrible because they will all be in Colorado. sometimes it sucks to be a nurse.

Kara said...

We'll be on an airplane in the morning, but shortly after lunch, we should be laying on the beach! I can't wait to feel that sand in my toes...ahhhh!! I guess we'll have to enjoy a fajita dinner....wonder if the pilgrims ever tried Mexican food?!?! Ha!

Sherry said...

I so hope you enjoy your holiday weekend! Also, you and I will have to do a better job of communicating with each other in the future!! Hope we are GOOD? And THANKS so much for helping us out with Garret! (he didn't like the other kids either:)) BYE

Kysa said...

I want to join Kara!!!!