Thursday, November 20, 2008

A new arrival!

My first full day without braces was great! Well, except for when I have to take the retainers out and them put them back in. Every time I go to put them back in, I ask myself, "That (whatever the food was I happened to eat) was totally NOT worth the pain!" Maybe I'll lose a few pounds in the next 6 months? They weren't quite as painful today as they were yesterday, however.

I worked at Corpus Christi in the library today from noon to 3p. I had someone nearly break out in tears because she couldn't check any books out, so I called Mrs. Hocking to the rescue. I'm not quite sure yet how to deal with these things at school. I don't know what's allowable, as far as discipline is concerned, and what's not. There was one little boy in Emma's class today that was totally being a s$%$! Thankfully Mrs. Hocking deals with that, but I feel as if I should be doing more to help out in that respect. At home, I would grab his little arm and squeeze it until I got his attention and then read him the riot act! I'm quite sure that would be unacceptable at school. It does; however, make me very proud of my own kids' good behavior (at school that is!). Emma was ignoring the bad behavior and sitting quietly, listening to the story. After school I asked her if this little kid acts up in class and she said he does and he doesn't listen to the teacher either.

When we arrived home from school, I got the mail from the mailbox and noticed we had received a small package from The free tadpoles (that cost me $11.99) that I ordered way back on the 8th of September, arrived today. I brought the package inside and as I was opening it, I told the kids they got a package in the mail. Inside was a test tube with 2 dead tadpoles! NICE! I'm sure with the temperatures being in the single digits, for the low, it wasn't really good for them. I read the instructions and it said to take care of the tadpoles immediately upon receiving them. Well, since I wasn't at home, that was kind of hard to do! The note said that they guarantee live arrival! The kids took the test tube and were checking out the motionless tadpoles and then hollered, "Mom, they're moving!" I couldn't believe it, but they were right, the tadpoles were, in fact, moving! Wonderful, 2 more amphibians in the house for me to care for and worry about! Apparently they were nearly frozen, and warming them up in the house, revived them. I got Emma's habitat filled with water and turned them loose. They are as active as any tadpole I have ever seen. I sent Scott to PetSmart to get some food for them and some crickets for Sid, as we were out of those too. Maybe if I get desperate, I can feed the tadpoles to Sid?

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