Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First day at work

On Tuesday I got a call from the Bismarck Public School office and they told me my background check came back clear! I could have saved them $45 and told them that in the first place. I went down to the office and filled out a few more papers and I'm ready to go! Tomorrow will actually be my first day "on the job"! I will go in at 12:15pm and will be at Corpus Christi with subbing with Mrs. Hocking as Mrs. Schmidt will be leaving town on vacation. It will be quite interesting, because Emma has library tomorrow. We had a talk before supper about me working in the library at her school tomorrow and she was all excited about it. I told her, "Now Emma, you know that when I am working at the school, you can't call me Mom. You'll have to call me Mrs. Stephens." She wanted to know why, so I told her that it was a form of respect and it worked the same way with Juanita, that when they are at school, she has to call her Mrs. Hocking. She understood that, but still had questions about it. Then I asked her if her friend Emily Just at school, calls her teacher Mom, or Mrs. Just?" She smirked and said, "Mrs. Just." I told her it would be the same way for her. We'll see what happens. Many times when she sees me at the school she acts all silly and talks in a type of baby talk, so I'm hoping she doesn't do that tomorrow. I will find out soon enough.

We are in a blizzard warning until tomorrow morning. It has been raining since after we got home from school and with the temperature dropping, it could turn into dangerous driving conditions. I'm ready so bring it on


Kara said...

Good luck, Mrs. Stephens! I hope you don't have to wear your ice skates to get to school in the morning! :)

Emily Jennings said...
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Emily Jennings said...

Shoot, I tried to edit my comment b/c I left out a word and I deleted it.

I think it would be strange to call your mom Mrs whatever. Maybe she could just be like Junie B and call you plain "Mrs".

My mom worked at our elementary for a while and I think we still called her MOM, but I recall just avoiding calling her anything, it was weird.

Did it snow big?