Thursday, November 13, 2008

Daisy Meeting and Gage's Parent-Teacher conference

This morning I decided I had too much to do and skipped out on my volunteering at the library. I felt better about not going this afternoon when we were in the library for our Daisy Scout meeting and all of the books I left there from yesterday had found their way onto the shelves. I would have felt really bad if they had still been there.

I had one guy come to pick up popcorn today. He had such a big load that he had to make 2 trips! One more came this evening, so I think we're down to just one den leader that needs to come pick up their popcorn, plus a few yet from our own den. I have those boxes in the house and the kids will be sad to see them go since they seem to like using them for a hideout! The cats will be sad when they are gone too, because they make a nice perch right in the middle of the floor!

We had our 2nd Daisy meeting this afternoon. It went pretty well. It was definitely better having it in the library at school versus my house! There was a lot more room for the girls to work and "play". I am fortunate to have Kara with me leading this group, especially since she remembers to break out her camera! I get so focused on what I'm doing sometimes that I don't think of those things. (You would never know it by looking at my boxes of pictures, however!)

Paige, Emma and IsaBelle working on their "Color a Smile" project. This is an online company that distributes thousands of drawings every month to people in nursing homes, Meals on Wheels programs, and people who just need a smile. You can go onto their website and print off pictures to color and then you send them to this company and they will distribute them to people in need. You can even go onto the site and register to be a recipient of these wonderful masterpieces. What a neat thing for people who might be alone and in need of something to brighten their day!

All of the girls were present at the meeting, which was a good thing because we had tons on the agenda and they would have missed out on a fun meeting. They received 2 of their daisy petals and the promise center (the center of the daisy) and a special Ms. President patch. Our meeting focused on being courageous and strong, honest and fair and we learned several different women leaders and what they are famous for.

Our craft project for the meeting was making flag pins. The girls did a great job with them. They did have to have help getting the safety pins opened and then closed once we got the beads on, but they did all of the bead work themselves and no one was injured by the sharp safety pins!

We also started working on the Girl Scouts Shape UP! patch requirements. Thankfully Kara led this activity! As you see they are doing push-ups and I don't think I could even do one! The girls definitely had a good time with this "high energy" activity!

The girls are doing some imaginary jump roping!
Overall, I was pretty pleased with how things went. However, I wasn't impressed with Emma's behavior. We always seem to have these problems with both Emma AND Gage! Our kids are the worst behaved ones when we are the ones in charge of activities outside of our home. I don't know how to deal with this effectively. If anyone has any suggestions (other than not being the leader of their activities), I would love to hear them!
Tonight after supper, our neighbor, Dave, came over to sit with the kids while we went to Gage's parent/teacher conferences. The kids had a great time. They love Dave to death, and it's even better when they have his full and undivided attention! I was very thankful that he helped us out. Since the conference was at 6:45pm, I didn't think it would work out to have a sitter, and it's too late to have them playing with their friends across the street.
Gage's conferences went very well, just as we suspected. His teacher said, "If I had a classroom full of Gage's, they would be paying me too much money!" That made me feel good. Especially when you know teachers don't make enough money in the first place! She said that Gage is very well-liked by his classmates and she feels bad for him when she has them pick a partner to work on a project together because there are several that flock to Gage. She said he deals with that very well, and many times he does a rock, paper, scissors game to decide who he will work with or an eeny-meany-miny-mo type of thing. That's his way of trying to keep from hurting anyone's feelings because he didn't choose them. She also told us a little story about Gage. Apparently one day they were discussing a story and sequencing it from beginning to end, Gage said it was one way and others in the class were saying it was another way. Gage told his teacher, "Mrs. Smith, I know I am right because I have a mind like a steel trap!" LOL! He ended up not being right, but she said that he dealt with that quite well. She said that many times when you have a kid that is as smart as Gage, they don't necessarily deal with things well, and often times they have social problems. That is not the case with Gage and I am happy about that. We are so very proud of him!
We will have Emma's conferences after school on Monday, and I am anxious to hear what her teacher has to report about her.

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