Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spooooghetti Supper

Last night Scott decided he was going to take Emma hunting with him this morning. Emma has been begging Scott to take her grouse hunting. Why? I'm not sure? So, he took her out with him this morning to hunt pheasants. Anyone who has ever hunted upland birds with Scott, knows that he is quite difficult to keep up with. Scott recognized that this was going to be a problem, so he had an idea to fix it.

Scott decided to take Emma in the backpack. Uh, yeah, these are made for kids under 3.

Emma is nearly 45 pounds, which I'm sure is WAY over the weight limit on this thing! The shoulder harness to keep Emma from falling out was out of the question.

Scott and Emma ready to leave for Emma's first pheasant hunt.

Just in case you were wondering, these were the items that were left in the little zippered pouch from the last time we used the backpack. LOL!
Believe it or not, they even shot a pheasant!! Scott said he was able to carry her around okay, but he just didn't last as long as he normally would. Hmmm...........I wonder why? I made sure to tell Scott to give her some earplugs since she was going to be so close to the gun when fired. Emma came home and happily told me, "I'm not death Mom!" :-)
Later this afternoon the kids got all dressed up in their Halloween costumes for the annual Spooooghetti Supper at Northridge. We look forward to this event every year. This is where the kids are allowed to wear their uniforms with all of their classmates, so there is usually a pretty good turn out. I'm sure that's partly because it's a supper that Moms don't have to cook! (Unless of course you are nice enough to volunteer!) Can you believe one of those volunteers was NOT me?

Commander Rex was a popular costume this year!! Gage is in the middle and 2 of his classmate/friends are on either side of him. There were even more of them wandering around the school!

Here's a whole family of Star Wars characters! The little Darth Vader and Padme, to the right, are siblings to the Rex standing next to Gage. That's a pretty cute threesome! When I saw them, I just had to get them rounded up for a group picture. (Actually I made Scott do that!)
I didn't want to be left out this year. I love Halloween and love dressing up; however, I'm too cheap to buy myself a costume. So, I made my own this year.

After I got out of the bathtub, I had the bright idea to dress up like Scott. When I came downstairs he wondered what the heck I was doing in his clothes. I told him I was going as him. Next thing I know he comes downstairs in my clothes, and then completes the getup with my purse. LOL! The pants were a little too short, but for the most part, that is me. He even wore his slippers to the school. I think people thought we were nuts. Only the people who really know me, understood Scott's costume. I'm sure everyone else just thought he was a fruitcake. I decided maybe I should change my look. I look like a slob! :-)
After the Spoooghetti Supper we went home, changed into our p.j.'s, popped come popcorn and snuggled up on the couch (all 4 of us) to have movie night. We watched An American Girl movie named Kitt Kittredge. We all enjoyed it.
We all had fun today.


Shannon said...

Thats too funny, you as Scott and him as you!! Great costumes!!!

Emily Jennings said...

First of all, Jody wants to know did they shoot anything?

And I think those costumes were hysterical!!

Scott said...


Tell Jody I shot one rooster with her in the backpack but I couldn't cover the ground I usually could with 40lbs on my back so that's the only one we got.