Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Popcorn coming out of our ears!

I completed my first day at work at the Northridge library today. I worked from 9:30a-3p. The day went by at a steady pace. I was constantly busy either checking in books, checking out books or reshelving books. There never was a time that I didn't have anything to do. I like those kinds of days because they go by quickly. It wasn't quite as bad as my first day at Corpus Christi. At least I didn't make anyone cry today!!

The kids and I walked home after school to find our garage FULL of popcorn! Have you ever wondered what $11,500 worth of popcorn looks like?

Wonder no more! YIKES! That is ALOT of stinking popcorn! Scott and I spent all night sorting it and trying to get it into organized piles. It wouldn't have been quite so difficult, but our garage floor always seems to be wet during the winter time and I was scared to have all of that sitting on a wet floor! I'd hate to have to pay for all of that! I would never be able to afford to anyway! So, we had to lay out some cardboard and plywood that we had in the garage to help us keep it off of the damp floor. Let me tell you, it is NOT FUN trying to sort stuff in an organized fashion with someone who isn't very organized. Anyone who has ever seen Scott's desk at work knows right where I am coming from. We think totally different and we had a few episodes that weren't so great, but we got it all done and ended up only missing 2 things. We had to go through the orders again to see where the missing items were, and thankfully, it didn't take too long to find them. I think it's all correct, which is quite amazing when you think of how many items that is! Now, if we can just get all of the den leaders to come and get their group's orders tomorrow so I don't have to worry about all of it sitting in our garage, that will be great. There is no room for my car in the garage either, so I would like to get it back inside as soon as we can. I like not having to scrape icy windows in the winter!

I am so totally tired it's not even funny. I guess that's what a day of working will do to a person! I'm not used to that. I did enjoy my day; however. I hope that I was more of a help to Mrs. Hocking, than a hindrance. There will be a different sub in the rest of the week since Mrs. Schmidt is still at Disney World. We'll all be glad to see her when she gets back!

We have a Daisy Scout meeting tomorrow after school and I also have parent-teacher conferences that I am still trying to get rescheduled. I think I have Emma's rescheduled, but I still need to talk to Gage's teacher about his. It would have been much better had they not been canceled due to the weather!! I'm sure everything will work out.

I can't keep my eyes open any longer. Good night!

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Shannon said...

Now that looks and sounds like fun!! I will come by for my popcorn tomorrow. Ran out of time today!